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Domestic EICR Schedule of Inspections 714.411.3.4 Lighting that is accessible to the public.

A new entry on the Trimble NAPIT Fast Test EICR Schedule of Inspections at 5.12.6.

  • Any thoughts or comments?

  • I'd say it's a  'trimbleism'

    Only so much you can put on one line.

    I now use easy cert when they migrated to napit.

    Had it for years and it was full.of quotes like that.

  • As far as I'm aware Trimble no longer operate/own Fast Test. It is now 'operated' by NAPIT.

  • The preceding entry 5.12.5 is 30 mA RCD protection for lighting circuits within a domestic electrical installation 411.3.4 so is is just repetition or is there a distinction to be drawn between 411.3.4 and 714.411.3.4 on a domestic EICR?

  • reading 714.1 scope, domestic garden lighting that is not attached to the outside of the building is within scope of 714.

    you then have to decide whether the public have access to the garden, in which case an RCD is required.

    411.3.4 states "Within domestic (household) premises..." (my bold), so unattached garden lighting falls outside the scope of this reg and if fed by a dedicated circuit does not require RCD protection. In fact attached lighting outside doesn't need it either, if fed from a dedicated circuit. This seems a bit odd, and could be worded better.

  • See my post on software elsewhere! Why is this even in the list, the reason can only be to "assist" under-qualified and experienced inspectors fill in a tick!

  • Is the postman walking up a driveway to a house or flat past outdoor lighting public access?

  • No Andy. Realistically I don't think so, and premises does not mean buildings, it is an area of land owned by a person. If you read 714.411.202 you will also see that disconnection times of 5 sec are expected for street furniture, and no number is given for your average private garden item except that additional protection by RCD IS required. None of this is either consistent or makes much sense. Street furniture is much more likely to be touched by the Public, the odd garden item is very unlikely to even be touched by the householder. Why is a bus shelter more dangerous than a lamp post? Gardens and drives are actually private, not public areas, You will see in 714.1 that Gardens are obviously Public Gardens, along with all the other Public spaces.

    I'm afraid this is another bit of badly drafted feature creep in BS7671.

  • I think it has every right to be on the list, as per my comments above. 

    The Postie might have a hard time climbing over the locked gate to the back garden and putting a letter under the back door.

  • In context the Postie is probably not the "Public", although those annoying people filling the letterbox with junk mail probably are! It would be quite difficult for a properly Earthed path light to have a fault that even required an RCD, perhaps someone would like to explain what fault could make a significant voltage appear on an Earthed metal item planted in the ground with reference to that same ground? Obviously this cannot happen with bigger lamp posts otherwise the street would be blocked with bodies and dead Dogs too!