Permissible inrush current single phase


I have had the misfortune to buy a Lincat Combination Oven for my Hotel.

These normally come in 10kw three phase.  3 x  13amps That's not too bad.

I have the single phase version 1 x 39 amps. Not so good.

It is operating at 1 second on 39 amps

                          0.2 second off  0 amps

                          Cycling continually. for hours.

I have a 40kva single phase supply and can hear the current hammering away incessantly. Lights flickering etc. I asked the manufacture for details of soft starting

and duty cycle. They say this is the way they were designed to work. Bang on and Bang off --1 second cycle continually.

I don't have a current (Hee Hee)  Reg book. So I ask is there a reg in place that covers the single phase load criteria.

To add insult to injury-- I have a three phase 65kva standby set.-- I would not put that destructive abuse on one of my 20kva phases.

it would shake it apart. So I cannot run it.

Regards -- Tony

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  • Hi Chris

    I bought it new from LIncat UK-- but it turned out to be a Houno KPE 1.06- 10 kw single phase-- Combi Oven . made in Denmark. The Houno guy claims that banging in 40 amps at one second intervals for hours is correct.!!

    You have also observed why I am taking out a case against LIncat. The Combi sits there for hours with the Temp and Humidity readouts over shooting and under shooting continually. They sent "TECHS" here five times and changed half the sensors, but it remains unfixed.

    It would appear to me, that the controller is up the Swanee, but they have not changed that. It is under warrentee and they have given up on it.

    Has anyone else had problems with Lincat Ltd or Houno equipment?

    Regards  Tony