Reg 419.2 Applicable to VSD driven motor?

Good afternoon,

When using cable design software such as ElectricalOM, there is a check box within the "Earthing" tab / adiabatic check of CPC. It states Provision of  regs 419.2 & 419.3 are applicable. (BS7671)

If checked it will remove the warning regarding the earth fault / disconnection time (should a warning exist with the modelled install)

Can someone confirm with a degree of certainty that the checkbox would reg 419.2 be applicable to a motor supplied from a VSD drive? 

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  • Can you give an example of where 419.2 is applicable then please? i.e where power electronic converters are part of the fixed installation? I am struggling to think of another.

    You see, I would argue given the fact I have designed, modelled and specified the VSD as well as its settings. Also modelled the cabling from the output to the motor and and the input cabling (if its a stand alone VSD in field)  it would be very much part of the fixed installation. Its not like you can just plug one into to a socket is it?

    And here lies the problem with BS7671 these days. fairly intelligent people can't interpret the regs correctly. I am sure I understood the majority of the 16th Ed back when I was wet behind the ears. Now more than 25 years later with loads more experience, I struggle like hell. Mainly because you have to read about 30 regs before you can understand the first one you were looking at. Put it this way I won't be buying the next edition. total waste of money IMO.