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EICR on a rented property no SPD

Just carried out an EICR on a rented property that has mins smoke detectors with lithium battery back up, there is no SPD fitted and I understand SPD's should be fitted on any safety service eg: smoke detectors. What code should I give this.

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  • Careful reading of Chapter 65 might lead one to conclude that there is no requirement to consider recommendation for improvement. Unless the issue would give rise to danger, there is no requirement to mention it and therefore a Code 3 could be dispensed with. 
    I wonder if I just stuck an appendix in at the back of my reports listing out some of the common code 3 issues and directed the client’s attention to it, or, perhaps, just inserted a link to Best Practice Guide 4……mmm, ….always the rebel, or so my headmaster told my parents!
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