3 phase temp supply ?

Hi guys, iv been doing loads of basic new build single phase.

The next one is going to be 3 phase and a bigger house. I will treat as normal apart from adding a 3 phase board and balancing on the phases.

The owner has asked me to set up a temp supply. Can I do this but setting up say a garage board and couple of sockets, but using just one phase and not connecting the other two in, obviously neutral and earth will be connected. Thank you for any help

  • If the 3 phase meter is installed then you could do worse than fit one of these 4 pole isos beside it,


    and then take L1 and N on some meter tail to any old single phase box with an RCD incomer feeding a board full of sockets. The switch stays and makes it easier to hook up and test the final 3ph board later.

    I have used  a wooden trestle in the past (yes this sort of thing, really that crude ) with plywood board on it with a DIN box RCD and a couple of breakers on one side, and about 8 double sockets on the other   If the decorators are in as well, it can be waterproofed with a bin bag or two, This is for when all the walls are being plastered, and there was no wish to leave a funny patch where the temp board was. I have even been known to screw it to the floorboards for the duration,,,

    The RCD means it is not so serious if the earthing is a bit hit and miss.


  • Some MOPs will fit these free as part of the meter fitting.  E.on comes to mind but I guess there will be others.

  • In my case it was a devil of a job to get the MOP NOT to install the REC4 isolator. However, Mike's solution seems ideal.

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