Unsure on flat rewire

  • Hi all would really appreciate any help you guys can please give me.

Iv come to rewire a flat and facing a few issues would like a bit of guidance with.

Firstly it's fed via a 60amp isolator and 16mm twin and earth , no rcd protection. I can not see the cable run. Is this ok for me to reuse assuming it tests out ok ? Normally would be a swa. It also has a 30amp 6mm supply as a off peak supply again in twin and earth.

Now assuming those supplies are ok to use, the next issue arises. The customer then wants electric shower, cooker, induction hob, electric heaters and peak supplied immersion heater.

I think the shower is going to be a no go, and they will have to have new storage heaters with off peak only supply as they currently have. Keeps the load down on the peak supply. Running a new upgraded sub main is not possible.

Really appreciate any advice guys. Thank you

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