"All Others" Lighting Load Demand Factor

Hi, all.

I have always seen the general lighting load demand factor (not dwelling units, hospitals, hotels, or warehouses) set at 125% on projects on different companies. However, NEC table 220.42 states that "all others" lighting loads are to be demanded at 100%. There's an asterisk note there, but it refers only to hospital and hotel loads, not the "all others".

I have asked this to coworkers and they have said this 125% is in response to articles 210.20(A) and/or 215.2(A)(1)(a). Problem is (to me, anyway) is that those articles are specific to branch OCPD and feeders, not demand factors.

Does anyone have a better explanation to the use of this 125% for demand factor for general lighting loads? Or perhaps the use of 125% is not really required by NEC?

Thanks in advance,


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