PME Mains on Private Networks

Am I correct in thinking that on a large site with a private HV network (licence exempt distributor), they can use PME mains for the LV, designed to ENA standards and in compliance with ESQCR?

There seems to be a belief that ONLY a DNO can use PME mains.

Thanks in advance.

  • Anyone who's not a 'consumer' (who are prohibited from using CNE conductors in their installation Regulation 8(4) of ESQCR) could theoretically  use CNE conductors.

    Does the connection agreement provide a status?

    However, going forward, embedded generation and G98/G99 connectivity to the grid (whether at HV or LV) may well change the status of someone who thinks they are a 'generator' or 'distributor'. to a 'consumer' .. that might, again, depend on connection agreements.

  • Many thanks for the reply - I had overlooked 8(4).

    I would have to dig the connection agreement out, but I doubt it would help in determining if the private network operator is a 'consumer' (from the connection agreements I am familiar with).

    Looking at the definition of 'consumer' within ESQCR, the network operator is not 'supplied' by a supplier - any electricity they consume comes from the tenant installations (small power and lighting for the substations), so hopely would not be a 'consumer'?

  • Hello, I think the test for consumer in this context would be the existence of a meter used for settlement and any installation downstream of such a meter would be a consumer installation.  The test for a settlement meter would be whether it has a full MPAN.  This can be established from the relevant DNO or IDNO MPAS enquiry service.

  • Cop2 Meters on the 33kV incomers to the site, everything downstream is private.

    Private meters on all the buildings the 11kV substations feed, as well as any services the LV network feeds.

  • In that sense metering is the DNO to BNO/LENO IDNO  boundary or whatever sort of 'NO' your side is supposed to be and in that case the LV side NE split  cannot be assumed to be at the metering as there it is on the wrong side of the transformer and HV has no neutral anyway !!

    "Consuming" only starts with the bit of the installation that is supplying loads (though thhat may be at HV in some cases) and the agreed demarkation then may be the first breaker after the transformers or switch panel or similar. Problem is that each case is layout dependent.


    edited for clarity

  • It is metered there - at the IDNO/LENO boundary, via CTs and VTs and COP 2 meters.

    on site there is an 11kV and LV network.

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