Circuits of Safety Services - 710.560.7

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Question re 710.560.7 - Circuits of Safety Services

Currently reviewing a design for a Group 1 Medical Location, in an outpatient building (ambulant patients/no horizontal evacuation)

From 710.560.7 'the circuit which connects the loads identified in Regs 710.560.9.1 (safety lighting) and 710.559 Luminaires & Lighting Installations shall be considered a safety circuit. 

With this in mind and referring to Chapter 56, am I correct in saying the lighting final circuits are to be wired using fire rated cables.

In addition referring to 560.7.7, the wiring type shall be metallic screened fire resistant cables due to the requirement to separate the circuits from other circuit cables including other safety circuits (i.e circuits wired used fire rated singles in a dedicated trunking would not be acceptable due to the requirement to separate for other safety circuits).

Thanks Mike

  • This is a bit specialized and not really my area, so really just replying to bump it up the list so hopefully others will notice it.

    From the words though, I don't see an objection to suitable singles in trunking as such, but you'd be limited to a single circuit in each run of trunking, unless it was internally partitioned. For some large circuits, a few singles in trunking might occasionally be easier than a thick multicore cable.

       - Andy.