DP RCD for Solar PV?

We are currently installing solar pv systems, and have had a third party at one of our installs carrying out an EICR. They have flagged a C2 for the RCBO we have used only being single pole.
In section 712 of BS7671 ‘Special Locations – Solar PV’ we cannot see a regulation that states that a double pole RCD is required. Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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  • I can't think why it should object - it should be used to dealing with a.c. and even an ordinary inductive load will back-feed somewhat at some points in the cycle (that's where the "wattless" current goes after all). In a way parallel generators are just loads with a PF of -1.

    I can see that some might have a "right way around" in terms of which side of the contacts their internal electronics are powered from (and which side you can safely do an IR test when its in the OFF position) - but with parallel generators you can't really win on that score whichever way around they go (just settle for a least worst option).

       - Andy.