What is an 'SCAL-CU' cable?


Looking over some old drawings for a project, and note that there is a cable type designated as 'SCAL-CU'. 

Does anyone know what that is?

It is listed as 7x 300 SCAL-CU for the incoming cables to a 2000A rated switchboard.

Obviously the CU is for copper, but what does the SCAL bit mean?


  • From my dim and distant past in the power cable industry I would suggest 'Seamless Corrugated ALuminium sheathed' In this case the aluminium sheath was extruded over the cable rather thnn being formed from strip and welded.

  • A new acronym for me, and a cable type I've never seen in the wild,   but that sounds far  more likely if the cables are singles. The description reminds me of semi-inflexible  "Heliax" used  for RF power

         50Hz Power  RF

    I presume there are special aluminium connectors for it- the RF cable is a so-and-so to terminate well.


  • I think that was PICAS, Paper Insulated Corrugated Aluminium Sheath.  IIRC 3 core 11kV.  Introduced about 1980?  I stand to be corrected.

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