Solar array grounding with PME system

Hi, what is the regulation on bonding solar arrays now in the UK. In the past I thought it was left floating or connected to a separate earth rob.

On a PME system if the array was connected to the PME system will this introduce a potential hazard if the supply was to have a neutral fault with the array being outside the equipotential zone, but not to connect it, we will be replying 100% on the inverter not having a fault and putting the live AC onto the DC side.

Any thoughts please

  • Most are now earthed for a variety of reasons; this has been the case since the IET published the CoP for Grid Connected PV 1st edition (link to 2nd edition) which as well as a decision tree for whether and which earthing arrangement is required, includes particular measures to take for PME-earthed installations where the framework is accessible.

  • Hi Jam thanks for the reply. I will see if I can get a copy of this. I think I have read the 1st edition and seen the decision tree you talk about. If I am correct the system should be pme connected but I do not know about any measures than need to be taken so will have to have another read