underfloor heating thermostat in a bathroom

I am installing underfloor heating in my bathroom. The wall mounted thermostat control (Honeywell T6360) doesn't have the facility to fit a remote sensor so I presume it can put inside the bathroom anywhere outside Zone 2 is that correct? Is there anything else I might consider?

    1. Generally anything mains powered that is not a 13A socket can go edit just outside Zone 2 so long as you are confident it is not going to be affected by the potentially damp conditions. EDIT inside zone 2 needs the manufacturers say so,  edit and both in and out of zone 2  need a bit of judgement, so the places with most condensation can be avoided. EDIT made new scentance At least in a larger bathroom once you get beyond 2.5m into zone 2 you can have general 13A socket as well...RCDs will always be needed and some bonding might, depending where else that has been done and what the pipes are made of.


  • Accessories incorporating switches are also forbidden in zone 2. (Which is probably what leads to the widely-held but erroneous belief that you must use a pull-chord light switch in a bathroom.)

  • Sorry yes - what I meant to say, and mangled somewhat, was that within  Z2 you need to think and check makers recommendations, and outside it less so.

    General fused spurs light switches etc are OK outside  zone 2, but you need still to be careful about condensation, splashing from washbasin taps  etc even though not explicitly given a rule in the regs. The sockets being 2,5m are something of an anomaly left over by the tide of pre RCD history.

    I have edited the post above so it is nearer to what I intended to say. -it is still a simplification, but at least not actually wrong any more.

    edited to change meaning totally, so it is actually correct. Apologies.

  • General fused spurs light switches etc are OK in zone 2

    Maybe I'm just clarifying the clarification - but zone 2 - i.e. the first 600mm from the edge of the bath or shower tray - does NOT permit LV switches etc. You need to go beyond zone 2 for that (and beyond 2.5m from the bath for ordinary sockets - it seemed simpler when we had a zone 3).

       - Andy.

  • yup I really cant say what I mean here.second post also now edited. I need to get more sleep / apologies.

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