EV charging point - no for protection

At a customers house today, he asked me to add an outside socket. There's a spare way in an IP65 consumer unit outside next to the intake. On inspection, it's supplied off  a Henley block, it's not a sub board, but there's no RCD protection, just a surge protection device. There's a standard bs7671 label about testing the rcd, that's all..

I''m not registered to fit EV points so the customer can't claim any grants like he could of this person: but surely unless I'm missing something,they can't be a spark if they think the SPD is going to provide supplementary electric shock protection. They are a proper registered EV installation  firm, are they right and I'm wrong? Do I report it? To who? What if he fits them all like this? 

  • Or a hire cruiser leaving a dock on Lower Lough Erne! The Dutch are inveterate seafarers but not this couple! Full steam out of the jetty, ripped the plug from the socket before the stern rope, which they also forgot to untie, blocked their forward momentum and returned them full force into the side of a private vessel! 

  • ouch. Lets hope the ADS operated. And the fenders, and perhaps the insurance  as well.


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