DOL motor starting current & MCCB selection

Good morning

I have a question to address to more experienced people in here

I have a three phase DOL motor, 5.5kW, 11A with 130A starting current

This is going to be fed off a thermomagnetic MCCB

Before I see the starting current I was inclined to use a 16A MCCB

However I have now reservations due to the very high starting current

How can I select an MCCB in this case?

Is there a rule of thumb?

I am looking at a 40A MCCB now however this is more of an instinct rather than knowledge or experience.


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  • Mike, we are feeding it through a TMD MCCB, not an MCB so I cannot select the curves

    I am trying to find in the pdf something relevant to the starting duration however there is nothing. Only the starting current.

    I dont think it would last more than 5-10 sec though

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