DOL motor starting current & MCCB selection

Good morning

I have a question to address to more experienced people in here

I have a three phase DOL motor, 5.5kW, 11A with 130A starting current

This is going to be fed off a thermomagnetic MCCB

Before I see the starting current I was inclined to use a 16A MCCB

However I have now reservations due to the very high starting current

How can I select an MCCB in this case?

Is there a rule of thumb?

I am looking at a 40A MCCB now however this is more of an instinct rather than knowledge or experience.


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  • My preferred choice of micro logic 2.2 is for distribution circuits, as it offers adjustable thermal and magnetic protection. I have also utilized the earth leakage variant when needed and the power meter option when appropriate. Also would suggest using ElectricalOM, It offers various features such as schematic diagrams, discrimination analysis, arc flash study, and CAD plan drawings