Anyone know of any Fluke spare parts suppliers

Looking for a spare part for my 1520 IR tester meter but I think the meter is now obsolete. Fluke part number is 817460. Part is the 'zebra strip' which connects the display to the pcb.

Any pointers welcome.

  • zebra strip of various pitches (alternating bands of conductive and insulating elastomer, giving the stripy appearance ) are often used for pressure contact onto the back of liquid crystal displays to contact the Tin Oxide on glass clear electrodes to pads on a PCB. If you have no joy with Fluke, but know the dimensions and stripe pitch, then it it is likely that something suitable or within scalpel blade distance is available elsewhere.


  • Thanks Mike,sad to report that I've had no success thus far from either fluke or any third party suppliers.

  • what size piece do you need and what is the stripe pitch ? There are folk that make them to order.


  • The 817460 is also listed as a part for the 80 / 88 DMMs. There are listings for series 88 screen repair kits (including LCD & 2 x connector strips) for between £15 - £20. Might be worth a look?