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I'm sure this has cropped up before but how far should we go regarding minimum numbers of socket outlets on an EICR?

As far as I can see, there is nothing in BS7671 regarding this, though the OSG presents a table which seems to be based on recommendations from Electrical Safety First and the Electrical Installation Forum.

I'm not sure insufficient numbers would ever be a C2 (there's nothing potentially dangerous about it unless there's swathes of trailing leads everywhere) and seemingly as it isn't a contravention of anything in BS7671 then it would be a hard push to record this even as C3. 

Interestingly the OSG quotes a regulation number (553.1.7) next to their table (H7) which doesn't correlate to the table at all.

  • Depends if this is residential or commercial/industrial.  Eg a small 2 bed flat I would say test them all.

    A key point would also be the visual inspection.  Eg if there are signs the kit is quite old or damaged thermally or physically.  Then I would be more inclined to test a higher percentage or all of them.

    The onsite guide is a good starting point but
    IET Guidance Note 3 Inspection and Testing
    Would be more helpful

    As always on your quote you should state your limitations.  This is site dependant as always.  Eg on very large or complex sites you may need to quote for a discovery session

  • I think you've not understood.

    Sorry - I wasn't asking how many of the socket outlets should be tested as part of an EICR.

  • The onsite guide is a good starting point

    That's one opinion.

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