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The volunteers of the IET Anglian Coastal Network organise events and other activities covering engineering and technology topics for engineers and also members of the public who have an interest in engineering and technology. Even if you’re not a member of the IET, you’re still welcome to join us at any of our events.  

We cover the areas of both Norfolk, Suffolk and north Essex will organise activities for these areas. Over the past year we have organised a large number of highly successful Webinars as face-to-face meetings have not been possible. However, when we are able to resume face-to-face events, we will look to run these in venues in Norwich and Ipswich and we will aim to retain many of the benefits of the Webinar format where practical. We will also organise occasional visits to places of engineering interest across the entire area too. 

Contact us

We’re always looking for ideas and suggestions for events and visits etc so if there is something you would like us to organise, or to help you to organise, please get in touch:

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An important message from our local Foothold representative (Dorrie Giles): “We’re here to make sure engineers and their families never face life’s challenges alone. Whatever the problem, big or small – you’ll find tools to make your life better right now.”

Now that the IET no longer keeps you up-to date with Foothold services or collects your donations to Foothold with your IET subs, please sign up to receive regular updates directly from Foothold. We all hope that we never need Foothold's help, but unfortunately life can throw the unexpected at us.  To sign up please click on the link: Contact Foothold

Watch a recorded webinar

Many of our webinars are recorded and are now available to watch online.

CPD Certificates

PDF Quantum: Game changer or niche?  - 16 May 2024

PDF   Calculators with no equal - 25 January 2024

Visit the events page filtered by Anglian Coastal Local Network to find out about our upcoming events.

Previous event information

PDF Quantum: Game-changer or niche? - 16 May 2024

PDF Calculators with no equal - 25 January 2024

PDF    Chaos Theory - from Butterflies, to Predators and Prey - 16 November 2023

PDF    Getting off Gas (PDF of slides) - 18 July 2023

PDF     A to Z architecture aspects for Internet of Things - 19 January 2023

PDF     For a few dollars more, a partial and recent history of the UK telecommunications sector - 15 November 2022 

PDF    Machine learning making smartphones smarter - 29 March 2022

2110.LIfe near black holes.pdf   The strange neighbourhood of black holes - 22 February 2022 

Our committee

Chair Kevin Foster
Secretary Afolabi Agbede
Treasurer Ian Buxton
Members Mark Power
Eleni Kaplani
Trevor Branton
Rod Willis
Salman Abdi Jalebi
Felix Ngobigha
George Williamson
John Ames
Graham Evans
Dorrie Giles
Local Network Manager (staff) Julie Hudson
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