Dorset and South Wiltshire

The Dorset and South Wilts Network covers virtually all of the County of Dorset and Wiltshire south of the A303. The volunteers within the Network organise events and other activities covering engineering and technology for engineers and members of the public who have an interest in these topics.   The volunteers are also active within schools and other educational establishments in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) related activities.

All IET members and members of the general public are welcome to attend events.

Andy Phippen has produced a video of his recent talk on the Online Safety Bill. It's now available to watch on YouTube.

Key topics and themes

Defence and aerospace are high interest activities within the network as these   probably are the largest single employment sectors within the network membership.   However because of the diverse nature of the membership within the network there is a very broad range of activities and events.


As a result of the geographical size and membership diversity the network is convened into three centres around Bournemouth Area, Dorchester and Weymouth and Salisbury.   Each centre within the network arranges its own events and activities.    The centre co-operates very closely with other the Institutions in the area and cross advertise each other’s events.    To find out more about upcoming events visit the events page.   If the D&SW is your prime community you will also find a list of upcoming events on the community home page when you log in.   (not seeing that?   Update your Network in MyIET or visit our events page and filter by local network).

We are always looking for new ideas and suggestions for events and visits so if there is something you would like us to organise or to help you organise please get in touch:

Current Volunteer Committee

Chair - Barry Ward
Secretary - Paul Tomlinson
Treasurer - Vacant
Bournemouth Area Convenor - Malcolm Hurrell/Tim Orman
Dorchester and Weymouth Convenor - Andrew Criswick
Salisbury Convenor - Anna Gilbert
Committee member - Tim Heywood

Local Network Manager (staff) - Julie Hudson

Visit the events page filtered by Dorset and South Wiltshire Local Network to find out about our upcoming events.

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