The Singapore Local Network is led by local volunteers who come together to organise lectures and technical visits that provide opportunities to learn and meet new people. All events are open to the public and most are free of charge.

The Local Network aims to raise awareness of science, engineering and technology in the local area, and promote membership of the IET.

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Contact us:

Address: 1010 Dover Road #02-01 SPGG, Singapore 139658

Our committees:

Chairman : Er Tan Teck Lee
Deputy Chair : Mr Viktor Dancza,
Honorary Secretary : Mr Mauritz Khoo
Honorary Treasurer : Dr. Chandana Jayampathi Gajanayake
Data Protection Officer :Dr. Sivakumar Nadarajan
IPRA : Mr. Richard Fong
Power and Energy Sec. : Er. Tan Teck Lee
Transport Sec. : Dr. Andrew Ng
Young Professional Sec. : Dr. Chong Yi Sheng
Senior Sec. : Mr. Tjai Cheong-Shin
Committee Member 1 : EUR ING Adrian Paul Apthorp
Committee Member 2 : Mr Rizky Wirawan Pratama
Committee Member 3 : Ms Nilar Shyun Mya
Committee Member 4 : Mr Hee-Cheng Bian
Committee Member 5 : Dr Wang Shuai 
Auditor 1 : Mr Clive Heightman 
Auditor 2 : Mr Garry Fung 
Auditor 3 : Mr Tupaz Jose Carlo 

New Year Message from IET Singapore Network Chairman, Mr Tan Teck Lee

Dear members, partners, and friends of IET Singapore Network,

Happy New Year 2024!

I am delighted to share the incredible achievements of IET Singapore network in 2023. We organized a diverse array of quality events that not only matched but surpassed the levels of activity seen before the COVID19 pandemic.

Our commitment to organizing quality events in line with IET strategies has not only created a vibrant community but also provided invaluable networking and professional development opportunities for our members.

Collaborating with other professional organizations and participating in signature events has further elevated our presence within the engineering community.

I extend my sincere thanks to the dedicated committee and members for your support. With your continued support and the momentum we have built together, I am confident that the IET Singapore Network will continue to flourish in 2024.


Wishing you and your families a Happy New Year 2024 filled with prosperity and abundance.


Warmest wishes,

Tan Teck Lee

Chairman, IET Singapore Network



IET Singapore Network Annual Report 29 Aug 2023

Chairman's message

The Annual General Meeting of 2022, held on 23 June 2022 at Orchard Hotel, marked a delightful reunion for our members as we returned to face-to-face interactions.

As we rejoiced in the camaraderie of the in-person AGM, we also bid farewell to Chairman Morgan Bonici, who departed Singapore in August 2022. In the face of this transition, I, as a senior member of the Singapore Network Committee, assumed the responsibility of Acting Chairman with the unwavering support of the committee.

The first committee meeting took place on 16 August 2022, where we embarked on the mission to rejuvenate the Singapore Network. The committee's collective dedication and innovation fueled our efforts to devise engaging events aligned with the overarching IET strategies. Together, we translated ideas into actions, and I am profoundly grateful for the unwavering support and commitment shown by the committee.

The momentum was set in motion with the inaugural event, a learning journey to the Arts Science Museum on 27 September 2022. Witnessing the enthusiastic participation of our members after two challenging years was truly gratifying. Bolstered by this success, we organized two more technical networking events, culminating in a fulfilling close to the year.

The year 2023 witnessed an impressive string of accomplishments. Our collaboration with the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) in support of the Electrical Safety Symposium: Electrical Hazards Prevention and Management 2023 on 4 January 2023 set the tone for our proactive engagement. From 4 January 2023 onward, we initiated a remarkable series of 15 technical events, comprising learning journeys, technical visits, and seminars, extending until today 29 August 2023.

In our unwavering pursuit of excellence, we were honored to engage in a fruitful meeting with the IET Community Committee Asia Pacific (CC-AP) on 7 January 2023. This encounter allowed us to align our vision with IET strategies while also outlining our aspirations for 2023. Our commitment to collaboration was exemplified through partnerships with esteemed organizations such as the Singapore Institute of Technology, Institution of Engineers Singapore, Institution of Mechanical Engineers Singapore, University of Newcastle Singapore, IET Malaysia Network and IET Hong Kong Network. Our endeavors even took us across borders, as we led a delegation to Malaysia, visiting University of Reading Malaysia, University of Southampton Malaysia, and Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia.

As we reflect on the remarkable journey of the Singapore Network, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the entire committee for your dedication, to our members for your unwavering support, and to our partners for your collaboration. The achievements serve as a testament to our collective passion and resilience. With a clear vision and teamwork, I am confident that the future holds even greater accomplishments for IET Singapore Network.

Tan Teck Lee

Chairman, IET Singapore Network

For more information of the IET Singapore Network Annual Report 29 Aug 2023, please click the link below.

Recent Updates

IET Singapore Local Network Committee members gathering and PDPA Briefing on 25 March 2024

We had our annual PDPA briefing for all the committee members (including local network and On Campus groups) on 25 Mar (Mon). The event was to highlight the guidelines when handling the data in accordance to the local and IET requirements. Apart from that, it was a great opportunity to gather the students and local network committee members to create closer relationship through some ice breaking activities and discussions.


From Strategy to Perfect Execution on 21 March 2024

It was an exciting talk! We were honoured to have Mr Oscar Wezenbeek to share some best practices for a company to manage its strategy planning and ensure high success rate. We were also glad to learn from Ms Anja who shared about executing engineering project plans successfully.


Celebrating Commonwealth Day 2024 on 9 March 2024

Commonwealth Day is an annual celebration of the Commonwealth which takes place on the second Monday of every March. This year is particularly special as it’s the 75th anniversary of the Commonwealth of Nations and the theme is 'One Resilient Common Future'.

Adrian Apthorp, Garry Fung, Rizky Wirawan, Ritz Khoo, and Tjai Cheong Shin represented IET Singapore Network to attend a tea to mark Commonwealth Day organised by The Royal Commonwealth Society on 9 March 2024.

They were welcomed by The British Deputy High Commissioner, Alex Bamford, and Chairman of The Royal Commonwealth Society, Dr Anthony Yee.

The guests were treated to captivating stage performances, and fascinating exhibits like Chinese calligraphy and antique car displays. There was something for everyone to enjoy.


IET Singapore Network Technical Networking Seminar “Railway Operational Technology Cybersecurity” on 7 March 2024

Dr Howard Parkinson, CEO of Digital Transit Limited, came from UK to share with members of IET Singapore Network on Railway Operational Technology Cybersecurity. He discussed the vital components in ensuring the safety and dependability of railway systems for tackling the unique cybersecurity challenges within the railway sector. He shared the cutting-edge technologies like large language models (LLMs), process models, and artificial intelligence for compliance with Critical Infrastructure Regulations and industry standards such as TS50701 and IEC62443. He also shared how railway professionals can protect critical infrastructure, fulfil regulatory mandates, and proactively address evolving cyber threats.


Technical Visit to Rolls-Royce Singapore @ Seletar Aerospace Park on 4 March 2024

IET Singapore Network organised a learning journey technical visit to Rolls-Royce Singapore at Seletar Aerospace on 4 March 2024. The event was organised in celebration of World Engineers Day and in collaboration with The Institution of Engineers Singapore.

Two buses transported members and guest from Singapore Polytechnic after the end of the morning’s Charles Rudd Distinguished Global Lecture to the 154,000 sqm campus state-of-the-art manufacturing, test, training and research facility at Seletar Aerospace. They visited Rolls-Royce's lead manufacturing facility, Fan Blade Singapore (FBSG), which produces hollow titanium Wide Chord Fan Blades. The facility produces fan blades for Trent 900, Trent 1000 and Trent XWB engines that propel the Airbus A380, Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Airbus A350 respectively. Members also witnessed the use of Advanced Fan Blade Manufacturing strategy which uses automation to improve its production efficiency.


World Engineering Day 2024 Featuring The Charles Rudd Distinguished Global Lectures on 4 March 2024

IET Singapore Network is a supporting partner for the Charles Rudd Distinguished Global Lecture ( held on 4 March 2024 (9am to 1pm) at Singapore Polytechnic Convention Centre.

Themed “Sustainable Development Goals: Engineering as an Enabler”, the topics discussed were on Sustainable Living, Green Economy, Energy Reset, and Resilient Future. The event featured Ms Rahayu Mahzam, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Law, as the Guest-of-Honour, along with distinguished keynote speakers, H.E. Kara Owen (British High Commissioner to Singapore) and Mr. Pang Xingjian (Zone President, East Asia Schneider Electric).

The topics for the panel discussions were “Opportunities and Challenges: Energy Reset and Green Economy” and “The Approach to Foster a Resilient Future and Sustainable Living”.


IET Singapore Network Power and Energy Section Networking Seminar: “Accelerating the Hydrogen Industry through Research Collaborations” on 28 February 2024

IET Singapore Network Power and Energy Section organised an evening networking seminar with a speaker, Dr Andrew Dicks, who came from Australia. Andrew delivered his presentation as a story in three parts:

Act One - The history of hydrogen energy, industrial chemistry and the gas industry emissions, climate change and energy security

Entr’acte - The history of fuel cells (and electrolysers) fossil fuels – oil crisis (peak oil)

Act Two - Research and the engineer’s dream

Act Three – Learning and leadership                       


It was like watching a solo drama performed by Andrew with audience involvements that brought the three Acts to life.

Andrew concluded by sharing about the Australian Hydrogen Research Network (AHRN) that encourages collaboration within the Australia research community and internationally. The Australian-Singapore Initiative for Low Emission Maritime and Port Operations (ASLET) is an example of a collaborative project which was discussed.  


IET Singapore Network Technical Networking Seminar on 21 February 2024.

“Evolving markets of electric aviation-Advanced Air Mobility: What's are the Technology and challenges?”

 Dr Marco Bohllaender,  Global Head of Power Electronic Systems – Electrical at Rolls-Royce was the speaker for the IET Singapore Network Technical Networking Seminar on “Evolving markets of electric aviation-Advanced Air Mobility: What's are the Technology and challenges?”

He shared with members the crucial role of power electronics in electrification. He discussed power electronics applications in the control of electric power flow between battery, generator, and electric motor as well as the supervision and protection functions. He also shared the challenge for engineers to overcome  the complex and distributed electric network inside the aircraft with their new and disruptive architectures in combination with special requirements on weight, reliability, and safety.  He summarised with the evolving markets of electric aviation, with a focus on Advanced Air Mobility.


Spring Dinner Seminar: “Stewarding SMRT in Moving People and Enhancing Lifestyle” on 6 February 2024 (Tue) from6.30pm – 10.00pm

IET Singapore Network hosted a spring banquet dinner on 6 February 2024, featuring a technical talk by Mr. Tan Peng Kuan. The evening began with a Lohei Toss of Prosperity wishing for another year of success.

Chairman of the IET Singapore Network, Mr. Tan Teck Lee, extended a warm welcome to members and guests and encouraged everyone to forge new connections, deepen existing friendships, gain insights, and have fun to make the evening an unforgettable celebration.

Mr Tan Peng Kuan shared SMRT’s journey of innovation, empowerment, and creating a brighter future for public transport.

Live performances of spring melodies on the guzheng, songs, and dance entertained the audience, creating a spring festive atmosphere. Five best dressed were selected to parade their attire where the deserving winner was award with a Best Spring Festive Outfit plaque.

It was indeed a memorable celebration as the evening was filled laughter, learning, and camaraderie.


Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure: Challenges & Opportunities on 11 January 2024

IET Singapore Network kicked off 2024 with an evening networking technical seminar on “Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure: Challenges and Opportunities” on 11 January 2024. The event was organised in collaboration with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), IEEE Power and Energy Society (Singapore Chapter), Newcastle University and the National University of Singapore. The Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES) set up a table booth as a supporting partner for the event.  Through the booth, IES shared about Skills Future Singapore (SSG) initiatives in the Electric Vehicle Charging and Maintenance Sector and collect feedback on the skills required by the industry that will benefit the workforce in their respective companies.

The speaker, Professor Volker Pickert, came from the United Kingdom to share on the current state and future developments in EV charging infrastructure and the latest research on EV charging systems at Newcastle University. He focused on the transformative role of power electronics, encompassing everything from fundamental on-board charging units to domestic charging stations. He also shed light on the challenges and opportunities associated with the evolving technology.

Chairman of IET Singapore Network, Mr Tan Teck Lee, said: “It is a great pleasure to have five organisations coming together with a shared vision to make this event an outstanding success. Let us continue this spirit of partnership to inspire, inform and influence the engineering and technology community to engineer a better world.”


A Funtastic Evening on Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and the Art of Beer on 7 Dec 2023

A wonderful evening with lovely people and the speakers! We had a brewery manufacturing tour to learn how beer is fermented and packed for consumption. Besides, we have Ms Anja from Brunel to share her inspiring journey as a Sales Manager, leading the multinational to explore new markets. The evening was even more exciting, where Mr Roy as a beer conneusier shared the art of beer as well as hosted the pub quiz. The top scorers earned themselves a prize as a reward.


IET Singapore Network Transport Section Networking Seminar: “Stewarding SMRT Trains in Digital Transformation” on 21 Nov 2023

Mr Poi Chung Tjhin - Head of Applied Rail Technologies, SMRT Corporation Ltd, was the speaker for the IET Singapore Network Transport Section Networking Seminar on “Stewarding SMRT Trains in Digital Transformation”. He shared with members the exciting transformation and the Kaizen culture taking place within SMRT. The solutions deployed includes iStation, iControl and iDepot using ATOMS, SAOMS, iSafe, iSecurity, TAMS, Overwatch, RSMAP, PDSS, MOMS and iVoice. It is a demonstration of SMRT’s commitment to Moving People and Enhancing Lifestyles by providing a safe, reliable, and sustainable public transport service, guided by the values of R.I.S.E – Respect, Integrity, Safety & Service, and Excellence, the philosophy of “Doing Right, Doing Good, and Doing Well”, and the Kaizen culture.


IET Singapore Network Power and Energy Section Networking Seminar: “Operational Risks with Renewable Energy Sources” on 7 Nov 2023 at Hotel Miramar

Ian Naylor, a Fellow of IET, travelled from the United Kingdom to share his wealth of experience on operational risks associated with renewable energy sources. He brought a valuable perspective to the audience sharing his involvement in various renewable energy projects in the UK, with focus on solar farms, battery storage, and hydrogen gas installations. He drew upon his extensive experience, offering examples and case studies that highlighted the diverse safety risks associated with different technologies and emphasising on the importance of understanding, assessing, and mitigating risks.

The event attracted a packed audience, indicative of the keen interest regarding the operational challenges in renewable energy. Participants actively shared their own experiences, creating a collaborative atmosphere that enriched the overall learning experience.


IET Community Manager Visit to Singapore Network and Technical Talk on Revolutionary Technology of XR Optics from 1st to 2nd November 2023

IET Community Manager for Asia Pacific, Alison Siu, paid a visit to the Singapore Network from the 1st to the 2nd of November 2023. During her two-day visit, Alison actively engaged with members and students, sharing insights and experiences while strengthening connections within the network.

  • Day 1 - November 1, 2023:

Alison commenced her visit by addressing young students from the PSB Academy On-Campus Committee. She spoke about strategies to attract students to IET On-Campus events, sharing valuable insights and ideas.

Over lunch, Alison engaged in informal networking with the students, fostering a deeper connection with the upcoming generation of engineers.

After lunch, she was given a tour of the training facilities at PSB Academy, which provided her with a firsthand look at the academic environment and facilities available to students.

In the late afternoon, Alison met with the main committee of the Singapore Network. The discussion revolved around the events organized by the committee. She expressed her admiration for the network's vibrancy and the impressive tally of over 20 high-quality events organized since the start of the year.

Alison concluded the day by joining the Networking Evening with members of the Singapore Network. She shared her insights on collaborating with local networks to organize high-quality events. Erwin Filmer, Director of Systems Engineering at Infinera, delivered a technical talk on "Revolutionary Technology of XR Optics," enlightening attendees about the innovative coherent optical subcarrier aggregation and a new pluggable and software-enabled architecture to simplify and reduce the cost of optical network deployment and operation.


  • Day 2 - November 2, 2023:

The second day began with a tour of Nanyang Technological University (NTU), guided by students from the NTU On-Campus Committee. The tour included visits to the Energy Laboratory and the Thermal and Fluid Laboratory.

During lunch with the NTU On-Campus Group, Alison inquired about the process of moving from event ideas to successful implementation. She was impressed by the professional management of events and the commitment of the students.

After lunch, Alison continued her tour of the expansive 200-hectare NTU campus, gaining valuable insights into the educational and research opportunities provided by the university.

Alison Siu's visit to the Singapore Network was filled with knowledge sharing, networking, and the exploration of educational and engineering institutions in Singapore. Her presence and expertise were greatly appreciated by the members of the Singapore Network, and her insights will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and development of the local engineering community. We look forward to her next visit and more collaborative opportunities in the future.


IET Singapore Network, Senior Section: Learning Journey to Singapore Synchrotron Light Source (SSLS)

Tuesday, 24 October 2023, Tuesday, 3pm to 6pm

A total of 11 participants attended this learning journey to Singapore Synchrotron Light Source (SSLS), a University-level Research Centre at the National University of Singapore (NUS), under the office of the Deputy President (Research & Technology).

The participants were welcomed by Professor Mark B H Breese, Director of SLSS and his introduction to synchrotron radiation e.g. how powerful as a tool for analytical purposes and for advanced fabrication, which has become indispensable in many disciplines such as the life sciences, materials science, environmental analysis, and micro/nano fabrication.

The participants organized in small groups and guided to appreciate demonstrations and seeing setup inside the facility in different groups. Many were amazed by the activities involving local and international groups from many universities, research institutes, and industrial users, how well the maintenance of technical facility. Many exchanges among the participants on various topics related to science, engineering and technologies lasted beyond the end of visit to later members and SLSS staff networking session.  

Special thanks to Ms Christina Pang - Management Assistant Officer at SLSS, Dr Khine Nyunt – IET Member, and Mr Tjai CS - volunteers from IET Singapore Network to co-ordinate this event.


IET-IMechE Joint Technical Networking Evening: Electric Vehicle Battery Packs on 12 October 2023.

The technical networking evening organised on 12 October 2023 with the discussion on Electric Vehicle Battery Packs was co- hosted by IET Singapore Network and IMechE Singapore Branch. Chairman of IMechE, Mr Koji, and Chairman of IET Singapore Network, Mr Tan Teck Lee, jointly welcomed members to the evening. They encouraged cross interaction among members and special efforts were made for student members to be allocated seats among the senior members.

The speaker, Clive Ford, from A*STAR explained the basic design principals of the battery pack, including cells, thermal system and battery management system. He also shared the models that are used to develop the pack and some trends towards increasing energy density and vehicle design.

Members actively participated in the discussion. It was obvious that the cross disciplines discussions on a similar topic raised many opinions and creating active debates.


IET Singapore Network Power and Energy Networking Seminar – Intelligent and Eco-Efficient Switchgear: What’s the Technology?

Simon Ryder came from the United Kingdom to share with us on the next generation technologies for intelligent and eco-efficient switchgear. His discussion was on the developments in SF6 free substation based mainly on the material he presented at the CIGRE study committees A3-B3 joint colloquium in Birmingham. He presented the alternatives to SF6 in switchgear and other substation equipment, with a special focus on experience of alternative technologies in Europe.


2023 Aramco F1 in Schools World Finals at Resorts World Sentosa Singapore from 9th to 12th September 2023

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) was a sponsor for the 2023 Aramco F1 In Schools World Finals held between the 9th and 12th of September 2023.  Seven IET Singapore Local Network members contributed their time and experience to help judged the F1 in Schools World Finals #F1SWF, where 68 teams from 28 countries competed for the podium. F1 in Schools is a STEM competition that encourages children to explore science and engineering, with some of the winners going on to work for F1 teams. They were judged not only on the speed of their cars, but their engineering and design, as well as project management, enterprise, pit displays and verbal presentations. Sustainability now is a key consideration for the teams. This year's F1 in Schools World Finals was held at Resorts World Sentosa ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix. The IET is a STEM partner of F1 in Schools.


IET Singapore Network Annual General Meeting and Sustainability Initiatives of PARKROYAL Hotel held on 29 August 2023

IET Singapore Network hosted its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 29 August 2023 at the Park Royal on Beach Road. This event brought together members for an informative and engaging evening filled with networking, valuable insights, and updates on IET Singapore Network's activities.

The evening commenced with a convivial networking dinner at 6:00 PM. At 7:15 PM, Mr Bian Hee Cheng introduced the speaker, Mr. Kung Teong Wah, the General Manager of Park Royal Hotel. Mr Kung shared the hotel's innovative initiatives aimed at providing exceptional guest experiences. He highlighted the challenges faced by the hotel industry and outlined their eco-friendly measures to overcome these challenges. Of particular interest was the integration of digital tools and data analytics to enhance the efficiency of HVAC systems, waste reduction, and facility maintenance.

The formal AGM proceedings commenced at 8:15 PM, moderated by Secretary Dr. Chandana Jayampathi Gajanayake. The meeting began with a review of the minutes from the previous meeting, which were accepted by members without any amendments. Chairman Er Tan Teck Lee followed with a comprehensive Chairman's report, which showcased the multitude of events hosted throughout the year. Members were delighted to witness the network's dedication to knowledge sharing and professional development. Treasurer Mr. Ritz Khoo then presented the Treasurer's report, providing insights into the network's financial status. The election of new committee members was managed by Dr. Chandana, with new members elected to the leadership.

Following the formal AGM proceedings, members were divided into groups for an exclusive tour of the Park Royal's facilities. The tour offered an up-close look at the hotel's advanced smart automation systems in guest rooms, energy-efficient chillers, and a state-of-the-art building automation system.

The event drew to a close at 10:30 PM, leaving members not only well-informed but also thoroughly satisfied with the enriching experience.



National Engineers Day-Engineering Innovation Challenge Prize Presentation Ceremony on 26 August 2023

IET Singapore Network was a supporting partner for the National Engineers Day organised by The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES). Members of IET Singapore Network were invited to join the National Engineers Day-Engineering Innovation Challenge Prize Presentation Ceremony 2023 on 26 August 2023 at 4pm. This year, we were honoured to have invited Mr Heng Swee Keat, Deputy Prime Minister and Coordinating Minister for Economic Policies to grace our events and present the awards to the winning teams. DPM Heng also joined us for a fireside chat to discuss on Skill Sets for the Circular Economy: Opportunities for Youths in Engineering.


IET Singapore Professional Registration Workshop on 16August 2023

A wonderful night to be with more than 30 people to together learn how to be professionally registered with the IET! All of us have got some tips from Viktor, Rizky and Richard for filling up the Career Manager, where one could document their professional development. Wish everyone the best in the future endeavours!

Special thanks to Peter Ling from YP IET Malaysia and Zahin from YP IET Brunei who shared the events to our international attendees joining online.


Joint Technical Visit with IMechE to SICK Digital Experience Centre on 25 July 2023.

The Technical Visit to SICK Digital Experience Centre on 25 July 2023, 2pm to 5:30pm, was the first joint technical event with IMechE. Having a joint event allows members to network and learn with engineers from other branches of engineering. 

At the SICK Digital Experience Centre, members were welcomed by Mr Michael Goh, Managing Director of SICK South East Asia. Mr Jhohan Ng, Deputy Head, Market Product Management, introduced members to the setup inside the centre  and explained on how digitisation can streamline the management of a modern factory. Live demonstrations on the process were conducted for members to understand the challenges of Systems Integration in modern engineering. IET and IMechE members actively exchanged knowledge relating to the engineering and technologies. The lively exchanges lasted beyond the tea networking session.

 “Thank you very much for your support for the joint visit to SICK. The provision of refreshments greatly enhanced the networking. It is a good start for our collaboration and we look forward to future events. Our members certainly appreciated the opportunity to meet new people.  I was very heartened to see how many attendees stayed back networking after the formal visit was over.  In fact, the last group only left out of courtesy to SICK to allow their staff to conclude their duties and go home. Thank you once again.” - Mr Kogi, Chair IMechE Singapore Branch

 “It is with great pleasure that our first collaboration managed to kick off to a good start. We certainly would like to continue this partnership. Thank you to the team from IMechE and IET for the success of our first joint event.” – Mr Tan Teck Lee, Chair IET Singapore Network

 Special thanks to the organising team:

  • Mr Kogi, Chair of IMechE Singapore Branch
  • Mr Andy Bell, Vice Chair of IMechE Singapore Branch,
  • Dr Sivakumar Nadarajan, PDPA Rep of IET Singapore Network
  • Mr Tjai Cheong Shin, Chair of IET Singapore Network Senior Section


IET Singapore Network, Senior Section Learning Journey to EduCity Iskandar, Malaysia on 10 July 2023

IET Singapore Network Senior Section, chaired by Mr Tjai Cheong Shin, organised the first overseas learning journey to EduCity Iskandar in Johor Malaysia. Thanks to Dr Ivan Ling Ting Yang, IET Malaysia Network and University of Southampton Malaysia who hosted the event.

The members from IET Singapore Network assembled at Keat Hong Community Club and the bus left at 9am to clear the immigration to Johor Malaysia. They were welcomed by the Provost and CEO of Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia, Professor Christopher Baldwin, at their first stop. The tour brought members to the clinical wards and operating theatres of the university. The second stop was at University of Reading Malaysia where members toured the research laboratories and the flagship dealing room that gave students the feel of a real trading floor. Members then proceeded for lunch at the nearby LS Seafood Restaurant.

In the afternoon, members were welcomed by the Pro Vice-Chancellor (ASEAN) and Chief Executive Officer of the University of Southampton Malaysia, Professor Rebecca Taylor, who gave the opening address for the Industry Forum at the “International Conference on Green Energy, Computing and Intelligent Technology (GEn-CITy 2023) ( ). Chairman of IET Singapore Network, Er Tan Teck Lee, was one of the industry speakers at the forum. He shared his insights, the latest developments and trends, as well as the challenges and opportunities for future research and collaboration related to the theme of the forum “Sustainable and Smart Manufacturing- Driving Roadmap of Innovation for Industry”. Members then toured the university’s modern facilities for the programmes in the fields of Engineering, Business, and Computer Science.

Members returned safely to Singapore at 8.30pm with new insights gained and with potential collaborators for contributing to the development of the industry to engineer a better world.


IET Singapore Network is a supporting partner for the Charles Rudd Distinguished Public Lecture held on 25 May 2023 (9am to 3pm) at Singapore Polytechnic Convention Centre. Themed ‘Transitioning to a Net Zero World’, the Lecture covered four topics, viz. Green Plan, Circular Economy, ESG and Green Finance. Transition to net-zero is not a solo project. It requires a holistic view across an ecosystem that includes government, businesses, customers and communities. It will accelerate changes in demand, capital spending, technological innovation, jobs, business opportunities and societal paradigm shift in increasing measure.

The programme included a Guest-of-Honour Address by Mr Desmond Lee, Minister for National Development & Minister-in-charge of Social Service Integration, a Distinguished Keynote Address by Mr Lim Tuang Liang, Government Chief Sustainability Officer in Ministry of Sustainability and Environment,  and two sessions of Panel Discussions. The topics for the panel discussions were “Empowering Net-Zero Transition through Green Plan and Circular Economy” and “ESG and Green Finance: Latest Strategies, Trends and Future Outlook”.


IET Singapore Network organised a learning journey to Singapore Discovery Centre on 20 May 2023 (Saturday) from 10.30am to 2.30pm. Members could bring a guest or their family members.

The learning journey took the participants through the Eco Sustainability Tour where they experienced a fully sensorial eco tour around Singapore Discovery Centre and learned about the solar panel installation and the herbs and greens at the urban garden.

 The participants came up close to the floating solar panel installation on the Discovery Lake and learned about traditional and modern farming methods in land-scarce urban Singapore. They engaged their senses of smell and touch to identify and learn more about some commonly used herbs and greens. A classroom session was arranged for them to discover the joy and beauty of urban gardening where they planted their own microgreens to create a beautiful living craft.  They were then treated to sample a cup of tea infused with the fragrant scent of herbs, which can be found in the urban garden.

 The participants then relaxed and networked with their family and friends at the Bottle Tree Café Restaurant through a buffet lunch.

After lunch, the participants were brought through an immersive journey from past to present at the Permanent Exhibits Gallery where they journeyed through time to experience the evolution of Singapore from our early days under the rule of the Malay Kingdom to the bustling metropolis that we are today.

The participants then continued their own exploration in the permanent exhibits gallery and some of them even hopped onto the SAFTI MI bus for an exclusive tour around the 88-hectare training ground for officers-to-be.


IET Singapore Network is a partner for the “International Symposium on Accelerating Electromobility in the UK and Singapore: A Shared Challenge” organised by Newcastle University and held at the Carlton Hotel from 17th to 20th April 2023.

This international symposium brought together Thought Leaders and Researchers from the United Kingdom and Singapore to reflect on progress in the transition to electromobility for both countries. The experts discussed on the social, policy and technical developments, and identified key successes and challenges.

Er. Tan Teck Lee represented IET Singapore Network to moderate the session on “The Role of AV in Electromobility”. The panel discussed the role AV may play in the adoption of EV, the technical, societal and regulatory barriers to widespread AV adoption as part of a future urban mobility strategy to ensure a successful transition of both EV and AV.

The symposium was attended by representatives from government agencies and the leading industry players from the UK and Singapore. 


Date: 13 April 2023

Designing with Holograms – Improving design visualisation through holographic display

Special thanks:
Dr Kyrin Liong, Dr Jeannie Lee and Emram Poh (Research team/Speakers)
Singapore Institute of Technology (Academic partner)
Samuel Lee and HOPE Technik (Industry partner/Speaker)
HelloHolo (Technology partner providing the mixed reality headsets)


Date: 16 March 2023

IET Hong Kong - Singapore Networking Technical Evening

Thank you for our esteemed speakers Dr. Kevin Hung and Er. Heng Lim Chan who had shared on the topic of Smart Health and the Prevention of Electrical Fire last night.

This is a collaboration between IET Hong Kong Network and IET Singapore Network Raised hands Raised hands Raised hands Raised hands . It will provide good opportunities for networking between the two networks. There were incidents of fires in buildings due to charging of batteries or ageing of electrical wirings.


Date: 04/03/2023

IET Singapore Network is a Green Partner for IES Green Festival held at the Singapore Science Centre on 4 March 2023. The event was to commemorate the World Engineering Day 2023.  The programme included a Fireside Chat with Dr Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment; Tech Talk on Future Green Technologies; and Exhibitors demonstrating doing things the innovative and sustainable way.


Date: 22/02/2023

A successful evening talk on “Challenges and opportunities for Southeast Asia’s EV and EV charging eco-system" presented by Monica Huang, Senior EV Charging Consultant from Envision Digital.


Date: 07/01/2023

The IET Singapore Network had a nice catch-up meeting with the IET Community Committee Asia Pacific (CC-AP) on 7Jan, 2023 in JEN Singapore Tanglin by Shangri-La.

We are the IET and we inspire, inform and influence the global engineering community to Engineer a better world.

Date: 04/01/2023

IET Singapore Network is a supporting organisation for the Electrical Safety Symposium: Electrical Hazards Prevention and Management 2023 organised by the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) held on 4 January 2023. The other supporting organisations are the Energy Market Authority (EMA), Ministry of Manpower (MOM), and the National Fire and Emergency Preparedness Council (NFEC).

The recent spate of electrical incidents which resulted in the loss of lives and properties is causing great concerns to the public, regulatory agencies, and practitioners. Join us at our first electrical safety symposium, where speakers from regulatory authorities, practicing professionals, and academia will share their insights and best practices to prevent electrical injuries and electrical fire hazards.


Date: 28/11/2022

IET Power and Energy Section Networking Seminar

We have two distinguished speakers, René Peter Paul Smeets and Roy Nijman, from the Netherlands sharing with us the alternative gases to SF6 in high voltage engineering and innovations in switching technology.

René Peter Paul Smeets gave and overview of the global status of SF6 reduction efforts by regulating bodies and system operators. He then discussed fluoronitrile mixtures and natural-origin gas mixtures for the various requirements such as for dielectrical and switching capabilities. He finally shared the roadmaps and outlook of the new media.

Roy Nijman presented an overview of the major trends in switching technology, covering aspects such as environment, increase of ratings and digitalization. He then highlighted the fundamentals of DC switching along with applicable technology and some demonstration projects.


Date: 10/11/2022

Event: You are in Charge, Now What? – Leading with an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Speaker: Danny Loong, Founder, CEO of Timbre Group

Moderator: Deon Senturk, B.S. Co-founder of Team Rise

Deon Senturk kicked off the session by sharing about self-awareness which revolved around our talents, passions and values. Danny Loong then shared about his journey from being a student, to a musician to an entrepreneur. The sharing kept participants engaged with many discussions and leading to sharing of views by some of our senior participants. It was indeed an insightful session. Thank you to Deon and Danny for your inspiring stories.


Date: 27/09/2022

Event: IET Singapore Network - Learning Journey to Art Science Museum

This learning journey will take members to a world of art, science, technology, magic and metaphor through a collection of digital interactive exhibitions.




Date: 23/06/2022

Event: IET Singapore Local Network Annual General Meeting 2022 and Technical Talk


  • Mr Navjot SawhneyFounder and CEO, Washing Machine Project 

  • Ms Isabella MascarenhasVice President, Grass roots Education          


Date: 05/04/2022

Event: Getting Comfortable with being Uncomfortable – A Growth Mindset Workshop

Speaker: Mr Daniel Theyagu, Associate Adult Educator, Institute For Adult Learning Singapore


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