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Growing a worldwide technical network to support the growth of AI, by promoting and challenging conventional approaches in businesses and society. It will encourage the AITN community to focus on the integration of AI technology with ourselves and the world we live in by understanding and expanding its limitations, evolving technologies into standalone decision-making entities and how exploring this impacts ethics.

  • Challenging the development and understanding of AI, also realising the perceptions of human and technology interfacing, to boost confidence of this technology among businesses and society;
  • Increasing skills and the knowledge base within the AI community (community building), including the diversity of people studying and working in AI;
  • Understand and promote progression and AI techniques from Industries experience to date.

The AI Network is now live!   Read the blog for more details.

We are currently working on building collaborative relationships with academia.

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Improving traffic flow with AI

A new scheme that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to try to improve traffic flow in Hull has begun.  Check it out

AI in conflicting environments

On 21st November, the network produced a webinar on AI in conflicting environments.  You can watch the recording below

Pioneering change and innovation with next gen AI - 21st November 2023 - download your CPD certificate below:


Can AI help make strategic battlefield decisions?  Join the discussion 

We'd like your opinion/thoughts on the two documents below, authored by Ben Thorn.  We look forward to hearing from you!



We have received this report from Dr Rob Wortham, CEng CITP MIET FBCS, Director AI Global Digital Foundation (and IET book author) following a conference on AI Security and Industry Regulation in the EU. What do you think? Let us know your views here.

Download a copy


Policy paper: Ambitious, safe, responsible: our approach to the delivery of AI-enabled capability in Defence

Let us have your thoughts!

Democratizing AI - Bringing the AI Superpower to the People

On 2nd March the network held a very successful webinar on Democratizing AI - Bringing the AI Superpower to the People - the recording is available below.  You can download the CPD certificate below.


AI – The Closer You Look, The More Complicated It Is

Meet the Committee

Chair:  Kirsten McCormick

Jonathan Isaacs

Rachel Craddock

Eltijani Elrayah

Ivan Ling

Ashley Hughes

Ben Thorn

Designing AI-Powered Elder Care Products: Best Practices and Considerations

Have a look at the Healthcare podcasts - Artificial intelligence: hype or hope?

Prof Alastair Denniston and Dr Xiaoxuan Liu discuss why you would want to carry out a clinical trial for an artificial intelligence intervention. We also look at how clinical trials rely on good design, to ideally eliminate bias, but also on consistent reporting standards so that the results of the trial, whether good or bad, are made widely available.

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