The Tribology Network brings together Tribology professionals to network and hear about new developments in all aspects of the sector, including Biotribology, Coatings, Materials etc.
Each year we organise a programme of activities including an annual seminar, webinars and we also have plans for a series of social meet-ups in 2022, (covid permitting). All of this is only possible due to the efforts of our team of volunteers. If you are interested in joining our Executive team and would like further details, please contact our Community Manager via the generic email address below.

Welcome from the Chair

Welcome to the home of the IET Tribology Technical Network. We would love to hear from you about working with the TN and bringing forward any ideas to help further the field of Tribology.

Executive Committee

Chair - Doris Khaemba

Vice Chair - Jason Zhang

Past Chair - Kevin Cooke

Online Specialist - Marlon D’Cruz

Committee members 

Amir Kadiric
Andrew Florez
Ben Beake
Evangelos Liamas
Farnaz Motamen
Gerda Vaitkunaite
Kranthi Maniam
Nick Morris
Tomasz Liskiewicz – IoP Representative

Community Manager
Gemma Hadley


Technical Advisory Panel

Andrew Gant
Ardian Morina
Feng Gu
Geoff Kermode
John Colligon
Rajeshshyam Radhakrishnan

Contact us:


TriboNet is a web project devoted to tribology with a mission to popularize and raise awareness of tribology and its branches among students, engineers, researchers and enthusiasts, but also to share accumulated knowledge.

For further details on our webinar programme so far for this year, see our website:

2 June 2023 – Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant (EALs) – Nuria Espallargas

21 July 2023 – Tribology in TENG – Joshua Armitage

1 September 2023 – Tribology of Earthquakes – Tanmaya Mishra

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