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Vision and imaging

Vision and Imaging  

The Vision and Imaging Technical Network facilitates sharing and understanding of technical information and knowledge associated with the wide areas of Vision and Imaging for the benefit of IET members and the wider community. Vision and Imaging covers a wide spectrum, from Computer Vision to Medical Imaging to Computational Photography to Robotics.  

We try to produce a range of events and content which are interesting and useful to the community and that address issues in our sector and beyond. Our events are low cost and open to all. We have previously organised events on Human Motion Analysis (in collaboration with the IET Healthcare Technologies network), Machine Learning in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and Advances in Medical Image Analysis. 

Welcome from the Chair 

Vision and Imaging are ever present in our daily lives, from the now very common zoom calls to the impressive cameras on our phones. The widespread use of these technologies is only possible through the technical developments behind them. The objective of the Vision & Imaging Technical Network is to bring together individuals who share interests, disseminate ideas, and promote future development of technologies.  

We look forward to welcoming you in our events and invite you to participate with the Technical Network. 

Dr Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro 

IET Vision and Imaging Technical Network Chair 



You can view our past webinars OnDemand.

Recent Advances in Medical Image Analysis

The Use of Machine Learning in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Data Part 1


Executive Committee 

 Chair - Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro 

Previous Chair – Professor Dimitrios Makris 


Committee members 

 Chris Greenway  

Stefania Cristina  

Esin Turkbeyler 

Eltijani Elrayah 

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