What's the biggest problem?

Given we have a central government that chickened out of significant improvements in energy efficiency requirements in the 2016 building regulations a the last minute, carefully nurtured a domestic PV installation industry and then killed it off with a cliff-edge change in policy and now keeps moving the target for phasing out IC engine cars - would you say the biggest challenges are technical or political?

  • It has to be political we have all the tech we need (though the cost may not appeal), I guess battery technology could be better , we could even use excess PV or wind to make hydrogen from water for cooking , heating or vehicles 

  • Fully agree, political (with a small p, it's not just about government and party politics, they have to follow the wider political world). There is a vast amount that could be done now with existing technology if there was the will to do it.

    It is, sadly, very interesting to see how rapidly technology developed in the two world wars when there was a political drive to make it happen. If only we could harness that drive in this case we probably would see even greater improvements in technologies to help solve the challenges, but we don't need to wait for that to make a very good start.

  • I would say political really.  Businesses want to do the right thing but need consistent direction from government in order to pull together the business cases for future investment.  With consistent policies, business can then have those technical conversations with manufacturers etc on the R&D needed.  Collaborations can then be built that are more detailed and realistic.