The IET Manchester Network has three technical groups that cover a wide range of special interests. In addition, we have very active Young Professionals and Retired Members groups.  We also work with other Engineering Institutions to hold joint events.

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The Manchester Network, one of the largest and most active outside London, stems from the amalgamation of the Northern Society of Electrical Engineers, founded in 1893, with the Institution of Electrical Engineers in March 1900. See Historical Note for more information.


Our technical groups, which are reviewed periodically, are as follows:

• Multi technical group (MTG)

• Power technical group (PTG)

• Transport technical group (TTG)

• Young Professionals (YP)

• Retired Members (RM)

The Network is also a member of the Joint Institution Group-North West and works with other Engineering Institutions to hold joint events.  We also work with industrial partners.

We strive to engage with the engineers and technologists around Manchester and the wider North West region. Our annual programme usually has around 50 high quality events, consisting of technical lectures, seminars, visits, professional development workshops and social/networking opportunities.

We also have very high quality and well-regarded schools liaison activities. One of the highlights of our programme is the Network's Annual Dinner that is among the largest outside London.

New members wishing to contribute to and develop the activities of the Network are most welcome. Please contact the Manchester Network

Information on Manchester Network Meetings

All Network events are open to both members and non-members of the Institution.

The venue and time are given for each meeting. Light refreshments will normally be available during the half-hour before the meetings. Arrangements may differ for joint meetings, or other externally arranged meetings that members have been invited to attend.

Pre-registration may be required for an event, please check the event details to see if this is applicable.


Any alterations to the schedule of meetings will be announced in the Manchester Network newsletters and on our website. Monthly reminder emails are also issued to those members who have opted to select this service.

If you have not already registered your email address with the IET and wish to receive these emails, you can do this by going online and updating your preferences on MyIET at:

Media Representatives

Media representatives are welcome at all Network events.

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