• Manufacturing TN Committee Meeting

    Manufacturing TN Committee Meeting

    The Manufacturing Technical Network (TN) met on 30th September to progress current and planned activity. For 2022 we have a workshop planned for 1st November covering The Future of Manufacturing Automation IET Events (theiet.org) and two webinars on Digital Manufacturing being finalised. In 2023 we are very excited to be supporting an IET Annual Prize for Manufacturing apprentices. We are also planning a series of events covering the following subjects: Sustainability Challenges Enabling Technologies for Manufacturing Future Manufacturing Skills and Careers Manufacturing In Space From Mass Production to Mass Customisation Academic Directions in Manufacturing We began a new initiative today to form a Young Professionals section of our committee and we are all very enthusiastic…

  • High resolution imaging, at range workshop Feb 2022

    High resolution imaging, at range workshop Feb 2022

    On 28th February 2022 imaging experts from academia and industry met to discuss the topic of high resolution imaging at a range of 10KM. The morning was dedicated to identifying the problems, whilst the afternoon focused on potential solutions. Lead organiser of the workshop, Chris Greenway, MBDA, has written up the following notes taken during the day, Imaging performance is generally considered scalable with size. To see more detail, we ideally want a bigger camera, looking at larger object features, over a shorter distance. Unfortunately for the imaging community, this is rarely the situation on offer. To address this challenge, the IET’s Vision & Imaging Technical Network held a one-day workshop to discuss the challenges associated with High Resolution Imaging, at Range. In particular…

  • Special after dinner speaker announced for the President’s Address

    Special after dinner speaker announced for the President’s Address

    Professor Bob Cryan CBE, Vice Chancellor of the University of Huddersfield, starts his term of office as IET President next week, and we’ll be celebrating with his President’s Address on 13 October. There are two events you can take part in: At 1pm BST , tune in for a live broadcast: Engineers – holding the keys to the future of humanity. You’ll hear about Bob’s personal journey from a tough northern socially deprived estate to the youngest professor of engineering and subsequently youngest Vice Chancellor in the UK – back in his home town of Huddersfield. Bookmark the broadcast link: https://youtu.be/wZInogOVjKA Watch the trailer: https://youtu.be/kZinBeeu9j0 At 6pm BST , join us at IET London: Savoy Place for the fireside chat and President’s Dinner. We’re delighted to announce that…

  • Towards Net Zero at the British Antarctic Survey

    Towards Net Zero at the British Antarctic Survey

    The IET Cambridge Network now arranges talks and events both in-person and on Zoom. One Zoom event that may be of interest to a wider audience will be on 17 November at 1830 hrs. "The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) has committed to achieving Net Zero Carbon emissions by 2040 from its direct operational activities including high impact activities such as travel and field operations. The goal is to align with aims set by the Natural Environment Council which is part of the UK government's UKRI (Research and Innovation). As part of this commitment, BAS has developed a Net Zero Carbon strategy and delivery plan and identified key milestones along the Net Zero pathway to 2040. A major series of decarbonisation projects are in the process of delivery, which include renewable energy and…

  • IET Sussex Education Officers - Supporting Schools on Their STEM Activities

    IET Sussex Education Officers - Supporting Schools on Their STEM Activities

    Our IET Sussex Network has two Education Officers, one supporting East Sussex and the other supporting West Sussex. As Education Officers, we support the different STEM activities of schools through the IET. We provide volunteers to help with the schools' STEM activities and also provide our own STEM activities such as the following: LED torch building - This activity involves the children assembling a very basic DC light circuit using a single LED bulb, two 1.5V batteries, foam core, and two polystyrene outer layers. The torch circuit is held together by the foam and a sticker. Torch building is used on an IET stand at science and STEM fairs, where many children build a torch, view exhibits and pick up IET STEM literature. Fan boats - This is an organised workshop on fan-powered boats…

  • Sussex Network Programme of Events 2022/23

    Sussex Network Programme of Events 2022/23

    The IET Sussex Network has arranged 14 talks over the 2022/23 season, from October to May. You can register for talks by going to our web site ( www.theiet.org/sussex ) and following the link under ‘Our events:’. From our home page you can also find links to the events programmes of our neighbouring IET Networks and other Professional Engineering Institutions that hold talks in our area. This season, our talks are all in-person events, being held either at the Hawth Theatre in Crawley or in the Shawcross Lecture Theatre at the University of Sussex in Falmer. The Shawcross Building is the next building down the hill from Russel Building, where we have previously held our talks. Refreshments are provided before the talks and you have a chance to chat with other members and guests. All events…

    David James
  • IET John Logie Baird Lecture at IBC

    IET John Logie Baird Lecture at IBC

    The IET Media TN organised a series of discussion panels as part of the IBC programme in Amsterdam just recently. One of the panels focussed on ATSC3.0 and the TN are pleased to be able to share some coverage of that session below.

  • Get your class celebrating Diwali with a STEM twist

    Get your class celebrating Diwali with a STEM twist

    On the 24 of October, Diwali, an incredible festival of lights, will be celebrated by many Hindu, Jain, Sikh and Buddhist families around the world. Diwali symbolises the victory of light over darkness and good over evil. This festival of lights can be celebrated in many different ways but often include fireworks, diya lamps, rangolis/kolams patterns, and of course delicious food for family and friends! To give your class the chance to take part in the celebrations, we have created fun STEM themed activities to give the hands-on science and maths activities a Diwali focus. Get your students learning about different cultures by getting them to make diyas, traditional lamps made from clay or mud that represent the triumph of light over dark, and good over evil. Students can also celebrate…

  • Tribology Webinar invitation from Surface Ventures

    Tribology Webinar invitation from Surface Ventures

    Environmentally acceptable lubricants: current challenges and future trends Thursday, 29 September 2022 at 09.00BST. In Europe, 50% of the lubricating oils end up as managed waste and the rest is either burned or exposed to the environment. In 2017, Europe consumed 6.8 billion litres of lubricants therefore, 3.4 billion litres ended up polluting the environment being a potential cause for animal and human diseases or deaths. Moreover, the global numbers reach 36 billion litres of lubricating oil consumption. Thus, there is an urgent need for a global shift from mineral lubricating oils to environmentally acceptable lubricants (EALs) to meet the UN sustainable goals. Switching from conventional base stocks to EALs can cause new challenges. One of the most important challenges is poor function…

  • Design and SI/PI Analysis of High-Performance Memory Systems

    Design and SI/PI Analysis of High-Performance Memory Systems

    Dr. Wendem Beyene; Analog & Mixed-Signal Architect, Facebook Inc IEEE EMC Society Distinguished Lecturer Monday 3rd October 2022, from 3pm C1.18 Pavilion, Cavendish Building, University of Westminster, 115 New Cavendish Street, London, W1W 6UW, United Kingdom Networking from 3pm, Presentation from 4pm This presentation is free to attend, and open to all, whether you are an IEEE member, EMC Society member, or not. Advance registration is not required, but it would aid in our planning if you can indicate if you plan to attend by registering here . Further details on the topics and the speaker can also be found via the link and on the attached poster below.poster.

  • Help us improve the lives of neurodiverse engineers by joining our focus groups

    Help us improve the lives of neurodiverse engineers by joining our focus groups

    Do you have an interest in neurodiversity, specifically in engineering? Perhaps you’ve been diagnosed, support someone who has been diagnosed, or you’re simply interested in the role neurodiversity plays in engineering. If so, we need your help! We’re currently expanding the neurodiversity support we provide to our community, and we’re looking for community members to take part in special virtual focus groups to help us understand how we can best meet the needs of those who need it most. We will be hosting two focus groups this week. Register for the relevant session below to save your place and have your say on the support we provide to neurodiverse engineers and their families: Focus group 1: 15 September, 17:00-18:30 UK time (students and apprentices) Focus group 2: 16 September…

    Michael Hargreaves
  • The IET's first 6G Conference - Why 6G?

    The IET's first 6G Conference - Why 6G?

    ITU and 3GPP are yet to define what comes after 5G. It is evident that 6G will contain elements that are a natural extension of 5G and 5G-Advanced and will in some ways build on the business disruptions already being felt today. At the same time, the unique social and environmental demands being placed on future telecoms will accelerate and redirect innovation, technical and business growth across the telecoms supply chain to create some radical results. Register to join us on 5th October at Savoy Place. None of this happens in a vacuum. Changes in the telecoms sphere overlap with developments in computing, media, semiconductors, infrastructure and more. This event will bring you fresh ideas and inspiration on 6G from the leading thinkers in industry, government and academia. You’ll also…

  • Space Skills Alliance - New Projects Launch

    Space Skills Alliance - New Projects Launch

    Colleagues at the Space Skills Alliance have asked the Satellite Technical Network to share details of three new projects they have launched on 5 September. The projects are listed below along with links to further information. SpaceCRAFT i s a new space competencies framework from the Space Skills Alliance that provides a common vocabulary for alignment between education providers, employers, and employees in the space sector. The Space Training Catalogue is a new free directory of more than 400 training opportunities for the UK and European space sectors curated by the Space Skills Alliance. It is free to browse and add to. The Space Skills Alliance have set out 5 Solutions to the Space Skills Gap , an action plan of things the space sector can do right now to improve its skills pipeline…

    Deborah-Claire McKenzie in Space
  • IET Hackathon - Judges Required!

    IET Hackathon - Judges Required!

    We are looking for some enthusiastic volunteers to take part as a Judge in our IET YP Hackathon ! What is the Hackathon? The Hackathon is a LIVE 24 hour event in which 86 teams from around the world have signed up to take part in. It is an entirely virtual event taking place on 24-25/09/2022. Teams have chosen whether they would like to focus on Infrastructure or Software with their solution. They will be set a challenge in which they must come up with a solution to tackle the issue of ‘Dirty Data’ through carbon emissions. This solution, within the Infrastructure stream, could develop the mechanical architecture of a clever cooling solution for data centres. Within the Software stream, teams could create user-friendly software that helps companies manage their data consumption or even…

  • Where will the UK Satellite industry be in 20 years?

    Where will the UK Satellite industry be in 20 years?

    The United Kingdom have only just begun their satellite industry journey, so I asked Max Petrozzi Ilstad an Engineer at the European Space Agency and Pip Halpin a Ministry of Defence employee on what they thought what was to come. First, there will be more launches from our own country rather than outsourcing to countries like the US. Soon we are launching two 6U Cubesats from Cornwall and this is just the beginning. Next, expect out of the box ideas. As the UK are new to the field, they can experiment more than other nations that have been in the industry longer than us. So, this can give us a platform to be independent thinkers. Finally, there will naturally be a rise in private company growth. Wherever there is new opportunity there will always be private businesses there to make money…

    Kiran Moustafa
  • Royal Aeronautical Society forthcoming events - September to November 2022

    Royal Aeronautical Society forthcoming events - September to November 2022

    Colleagues in the Royal Aeronautical Society would like to share details of their forthcoming events. RAeS Applied Aerodynamics Conference – 13-15 September 2022 Greener by Design specialist group event on ‘The non-CO2 climate effects of aviation’ – 20-21 September 2022 RAeS Conference on ‘The alignment of ATM and U-Space/UTM’ – 11-12 October 2022 President’s Conference: New Space – 18-19 October 2022 RAeS Conference: A Bright Future or Fighting for Survival - Where will Aerospace be in 2035 and Beyond? – 29-30 November 2022

    Deborah-Claire McKenzie in Space
  • NEW BOOK/EBOOK! Evolving Predictive Analytics in Healthcare: New AI techniques for real-time interventions

    NEW BOOK/EBOOK! Evolving Predictive Analytics in Healthcare: New AI techniques for real-time interventions

    NEW BOOK/EBOOK! Congratulations to Book Editors, Abhishek Kumar, Ashutosh Kumar Dubey, Surbhi Bhatia, Swarn Avinash Kumar and Dac-Nhuong Le and to all the chapter contributors on the publication of this new IET book: Evolving Predictive Analytics in Healthcare: New AI techniques for real-time interventions. About the Book A major use of practical predictive analytics in medicine has been in the diagnosis of current diseases, particularly through medical imaging. Now there is sufficient improvement in AI, IoT and data analytics to deal with real time problems with an increased focus on early prediction using machine learning and deep learning algorithms. With the power of artificial intelligence alongside the internet of 'medical' things, these algorithms can input the characteristics/data…

  • Take your students back to Ancient Greece with our new STEM themed resources

    Take your students back to Ancient Greece with our new STEM themed resources

    We’ve published a new set of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) themed resources to take students back to 700-480 B.C. View our collection here: Ancient Greece resources. These ancient Greece activities for KS1 and KS2 are mapped to the curricula with lesson plans and presentations alongside printables, to have everything you need to hand. Whether students are working with scale to produce drawings, applying Pythagoras Theorem, or measuring time using water, there will be tons of Eureka moments! See descriptions and links below: 1. Ancient Greek mathematics This activity, which combines maths and history, will introduce students to the concept of scale and teach students facts about how the ancient Greeks have affected modern life. Download for free > 2. Density using…

  • Join the Discussion for a Net Zero Future

    Join the Discussion for a Net Zero Future

    Will you have your say on the role of renewables on the road to net zero and the innovations needed to overcome the blockers on the way? With the effects of climate change ever increasing, and the World Health Organisation calling it the ‘single biggest health threat facing humanity’, renewable power generation is key in getting us to net zero, but many challenges remain: scale-up, cost reduction and system operation with close to 100% renewables. As RPG 2022 features for the first time a specially selected invited speaker stream, industry leaders will be delivering an inspiring programme on how they are working to accelerate the growth of renewables and achieving ambitious carbon neutrality goals. We’d love it if you could join us as we welcome an exciting line-up of eminent speakers…

  • Energising, enhancing and empowering: The IET Young Professionals Summit 2022

    Energising, enhancing and empowering: The IET Young Professionals Summit 2022

    I'm SO excited to announce that there are 50 available spaces for Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) members, aged 18 – 35, at our upcoming #YPSummit taking place in November 2022 in London and YOU are in with a chance of winning an expenses paid trip to attend. Apply for your unique opportunity to meet and network with over 100 young professionals. Find out more information and how you can apply by using the link below! Entries close on Monday 12 September so get in quick.

  • Do these things mean anything to you?

    Do these things mean anything to you?

    The Royal Lancaster Hotel in London, and 1967? How about The Institution of Electrical Engineers, and 1968? Does it help if I mention the beach at Brighton? A pavilion, or a caravan? A name, perhaps? John Wilson? History is a cruel medium. Not only are we condemned to repeat it, but we also forget its lessons. We are consistently poor at recording it with fidelity, and especially without bias. A cynic might echo the same sentiments about broadcasting. Maybe, back in the 1960s, when colour television was new, when channels were few, when adverts were a novel innovation, then the idea of having an International Broadcasting Convention that would still be running more than 40 years later, would fit the global mood of change, of hope, of peace, of love. The passing of those intervening…

  • What to do if you can't keep up with your mortgage payments

    What to do if you can't keep up with your mortgage payments

    Is the cost of living crisis and interest rate rise making it harder for you to keep up with your mortgage payments? If your mortgage is starting to become a burden on your finances, don’t panic. There are things you can do to stop the situation spiralling before it’s too late. Here are our top tips to help you stop your mortgage payments getting out of control: 1. Get advice from a regulated debt advisor Seeking help from a Regulated Debt Adviser can help you understand your situation holistically and come up with a plan to tackle your arrears, including identifying whether you’re entitled to any benefits. 2. Contact your lender early Lenders may be more inclined to agree to a repayment plan or other proposed solution if you alert them to potential problems early on. 3. Agree a repayment…

  • 5G and Non-Terrestrial Networks: a trip down memory lane from 1G to 5G

    5G and Non-Terrestrial Networks: a trip down memory lane from 1G to 5G

    Why not join us for a trip down memory lane from 1G to 5G with Jim Baddoo who is a senior expert in Thales with more than 30 years of experience in radio communications systems 5G is not just a faster version of 4G! It represents a major step forward in mobile communications. Jim will cover the key features and technologies of 5G and the additional capabilities they provide. Finally, he will give an overview of the integration of non-terrestrial networks into 5G, including the use of satellites The lecture is organised by the London Hammersmith Network and will be held at Novotel London West at 7pm on 20 th September 2022. Register at https://events.theiet.org/events/5g-and-non-terrestrial-networks/

  • Digital Security by Design:  Technology Access Programme.  Closing date 8th September 2022

    Digital Security by Design: Technology Access Programme. Closing date 8th September 2022

    Digital Security by Design Technology Access Programme Applications open 5th July - 8th September 2022 Get access to cutting-edge new CPU architecture and prototype Arm hardware to trial in your organisation. For six months participating companies will have access to an Arm Morello Board, with its cutting-edge CPU architecture, technical guides and support, to trial these new technologies within their systems. This programme is for companies that: Are based in the UK Use C and C++ as the main programming languages for their software Are able to evaluate C and C++ on new architectures, in the context of performance and improving security. Have engineers and a company culture interested in exploring, experimenting and inventing with new technologies, with a view of finding commercial…