The IET Aerospace Network provides opportunities for Aerospace Professionals to keep up to date with latest developments and insights in the world of aerospace as well as connecting with other professionals.  The Network covers  the human effort in science, technology and engineering that is associated with all aerospace activities across a multitude of commercial, industrial and military applications.

 List updated on 23 August 2021

Aerospace Network teams 

This group of dedicated volunteers organises an annual programme of technical events and visits throughout the year.  

Executive Team Members 

Ray Smith -  Chairman/Transport Sector Representative
Arnold Gad-Briggs - Vice Chairman
David Lindley - Past Chairman/Transport Policy Representative
Andy Mills - Joint Propulsion Group Representative
Gerald Giddins - Committee member

James Vincent - Committee member

John Turton - IMeche & Aerospace Partnership Representatives
Jonathan Watson - Rolls Royce Representative

Lee Gilbert - Committee member 

Konstantinos Stamoulis - Aviation Academy, University of Amsterdam Representative
Mikela Chatzimichaildou - Committee member 

Nadiir Bheekhun - Committee member

Ricky Liew - Committee member

Simon Brown - Committee member

Simon Hancock - Committee Member
Deborah-Claire McKenzie - IET Community Manager

YP Group Team Members

Rob Allison - Chairman, Young Professionals Group
Mariya Tarabanovska - Vice Chairman, YP Group
Erika Ramos - committee member

Ken Yeen Lee - committee member

Kruti Joshi - committee member

Mansi Joshi - committee member

Swapnil Maddula - committee member
Yannick Orounla - committee member

Yun Cho Hang- committee member

Technical Advisory Panel Members

Bob Darby 

Chris Page

Charles Patchett
Christopher John
Gary Clayton 
Haydn Thompson
John Beirne 
John Roe
Jon Dunsdon
Kristen Facciol 
Mike Murdoch
Nektarios Karanikas  
Nick Ladner
Peter Holtby
Philip Cutcher 
Sotirios Ntaoulas

Robert Heaton