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Please see below a list of all our webinar recordings which are available to view online: 

Re-engineering the microscope 19 Nov 20

Renewable energy - how to balance the electric grid 26 Nov 20

Next generation solutions for electrical grid monitoring 3 Dec 20

What's so interesting about 5G? 21 Jan 21

Aircraft electrification 25 Feb 21

The Breath Biopsy® Platform 11 Mar 21

Vertical Aerospace 15 Apr 21

There is more than a cat in the Schroedinger box: a Python 6 May 21

The HydroFLEX Hydrogen-powered train project 20 May 21

Perspectives on audio: Information vs data; fidelity vs resolution 17 Aug 21

Nvidia powers the AI revolution 21 Oct 2021

The Cambridge autonomous bus trials 18 Nov 21

CorrosionRADAR - a journey from an invention to a global corrosion monitoring company 2 Dec 21