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The Robotics & Mechatronics Technical Network and the Vision & Imaging Technical Network are delighted to be joining forces on a duo of webinars for early 2023.

Computer Vision & Robotics Meet Retail

Nowadays, retail needs more power to be at the level that customers want with shopping patterns changing radically, especially during and after the recent pandemic.

We are in the era where AI, CV and robotics are converging and solving problems. These 2 webinars will explore advanced existing technologies already part of the common retailing/shopping experience, how AI and robotics has been integrated in stores and the results of different types of pretraining when doing recognition of packaged products in images.

Join us to hear from a fantastic line up of international speakers sharing their knowledge:

  • Dr. Nisreen Ameen
    Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing at Royal Holloway,
    University of London and the Co-Director of the Digital Organisation and Society research centre.

  • Emmanuel Morán Barreiro,
    Almacenes TIA S.A, Ecuador

  • Muktabh Mayank Srivastava
    Co-founder, ParallelDots Inc

  • Jordan Varley
    Advanced Research Engineer, Zebra Technologies
  • Aditya Singh,
    Zebra Tech., UK
  • Dr. Shriram Vasudevan,
    LNT technology services India
  • Roy Lloyd,
    Eiratech Robotic, UK

Don't forget to register using the links below. We hope to see you there!

Computer Vision & Robotics Meet Retail (1 of 2)
Friday, January 27, 2023

Computer Vision & Robotics Meet Retail (2 of 2)
Friday, February 03, 2023