IET Scotland is pleased to provide a number of free podcasts for you to download.


Thermoelectrics - Prof Douglas Paul (10027 k)


Prof Douglas Paul discusses up-to-date generation of electricity from waste heat.


Mobile device security (9419 k)


Andrew Turner from NHS discusses security vulnerability of mobile devices such as the iPhone.


Flipside (12587 k)


A new IET magazine is aimed at young aspiring engineers.  Here the Editor and the IET's Head of Education for 5 to 19 year olds explain the aims of Flipside and its appeal.


DNS (9492 k)


All our email and web access require conversion from human-readable domain to binary. Alex Dalitz explains how this works, and how can it be made more secure in order to protect our data.


Energy storage (9554 k)


Duncan Gregory discusses the present state of energy storage, and how it influences our everyday life.


Astronaut Sandra Magnus (13468 k)


Dr Sandra Magnus discusses her experience of becoming a NASA astronaut and visiting the International Space Station.


USB as a standard - podcast (10246 k)


Dan Harmon of Texas Instruments discusses the USB standard, now issue 3, and how it came into being.


Flexible LCD's (12066 k)


Scotland is at the forefront of flexible display development. Professor Nigel Mottram of Strathclyde University discusses the exciting advances that are being made in this exciting area of technology.


Nanotechnology (13197 k)


Professor John Barker of the Nanoelectronics Research Centre at Glasgow University explains the recent advances in nanoelectronics.


RoHS (11484 k)


John Burke, CEO of RoHS USA, discusses how new legislation is aiming to eliminate hazardous substances from electronic equipment.