As we welcome in the spring, what better way to celebrate than with eggs and chocolate, whilst still achieving your children’s learning goals. We have fun activities for children aged 4-16, on a variety of topics, and they can be created at home with parents, grandparents and carers of children, along with being curriculum-linked to save teachers valuable time, so do please share these with your local school.

For KS1 (age 4-6) and KS2 (7-11) there’s a graphics project to design a pop-up Easter card. Or you can let their creativity flow as you use papier mâché and a balloon to make an Easter egg to decorate or help link words or numbers on cracked eggshells.

Pop up Easter card


Papier mâché Easter egg


Match eggy words or numbers


In the name of science, your 11-14 year-olds (KS3) and KS4 teens (14-16) can understand the use of levers and construct a simple catapult to fire chocolate! Design and build a structure to protect an egg as it falls from a great height or, for those who like to live in the fast lane, develop an egg transporter to race.

Chocolate catapult


Egg drop challenge


Egg Racer


These resources and others can be used to engage young people this Easter with activities available to do both at home or in school, and there’s something for everyone! All worksheet and instructions are free to download from the IET Education websites.

Easter resources for primary (

Easter resources for secondary (

Wishing you all a cracking Easter break!