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Is your company opening its doors to young visitors during Engineering Open House Week this year?

We have put together a selection of our teaching resources that use readily available equipment and are simple to facilitate for both primary and secondary children to enjoy during their visit. They will put their newfound knowledge to the test and promote sticky learning to enhance their experience.

For younger children:

Invent your own project using old cardboard boxes Cool cardboard crafts for kids (theiet.org)

Make biodegradable paper planters Paper planters (theiet.org)

Power LED lights with lemons and limes Fruit lights (theiet.org)

Make an erupting volcano using sodium bicarbonate and vinegar Erupting volcano experiment (theiet.org)

Create rainbow reflections with paper and CDs Rainbow reflections (theiet.org)

Amplify sound using Balloon speakers Simple STEM Activities for Kids: Balloon Speakers (theiet.org)

Design a picture and use leavers and sliders to make the image move! Make models of a simple slider and a lever from card (theiet.org)

There are also posters to brighten up any area and certificates to print and give to your guests.  

Our primary activities can be viewed here Engineering Open House Week 2023 resources (theiet.org)

Older children:

Your teenage visitors can construct a water wheel Water wheel construction (theiet.org)

Look at the frequency of letters in the English language, encode and decode messages Rosetta code 1 (theiet.org)

Research the design process while designing footwear of the future Designing the trainers of the future (theiet.org)

Produce sketches and mind map for a wearable cockpit using modern technologies Wearable cockpit (theiet.org)

Develop a parachute type system to slow a landing spacecraft and build a prototype Stop it (theiet.org)

Calculate the amount of energy needed to launch a space rocket Flying high (theiet.org)

…and more!

Our secondary activities can be viewed here 

Engineering Open House Week 2023 (theiet.org)


All our resources and activities are free to download and fully editable so you can amend to suit your industry.

If you have ideas of activities/topics for next year, please get in touch. Or, if your company has an education budget and wants to contribute to new resources or re-vamping some of our older ones, please contact our Education Sponsorship Manager, Gavin Woodruff - gavinwoodruff@theiet.org