The Particle Accelerator Engineering Community has arranged a webinar on 11th January at 11am to discuss this topic.

Radio-frequency (RF) has been the workhorse of particle accelerators since the 1960’s. Developed from the high power RF sources used for RADAR during the war the energy of these particle accelerators has been going up by a factor of 10 every 6 years. However this have been slowing down in the last few years and new technology using lasers and plasma is appearing offering higher gradients (although worse stability). Can the rate of improvement in RF accelerators continue or have we reached the limit?

In this webinar we will look at new developments in RF technology that will continue to increase performance for the foreseeable future. The talk will cover improvements leading to higher gradients, higher efficiency, and higher currents and will show that RF accelerators are here to stay.

Hear from Graeme Burt, (Chairman of the IET Particle Accelerator Engineering Network),  who will focus on Reaching Higher Gradients, Becky Seviour (University of Huddesfield), who will present on More efficient accelerators, and Alan Letchford who will address Reaching higher currents.

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