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The network formerly called The IET Multimedia Communications Technical Professional Network has now in 2019, renamed itself as the IET Media Technical Network, or IET Media for short.


Under the leadership of Ian Nock and David Short, IET Media is also strengthening its Executive Committee. “The rename reflects that we have moved into an era where media in all its forms is business as usual. We plan to focus more on events that promote networking among the community. The IET Media presentations in the Future Trends Theatre at IBC is a big step in changing the visibility of IET members in the industry, said Ian Nock, Executive Chairman, IET Media. “The strengthened Executive will be working on this in the coming two years, creating more events that cover the broad challenges that today's media industry faces.”

New members from across industry that have been appointed include Allan McLennan (PADEM Media), Janet Greco (Broadcast Projects), Lynda Murchie (BT), and Steven Cheung (TVB MyTV Super Ltd). They join existing members Phil Haggar (Jukwa), Russell Trafford-Jones (Techex), Adriana Whiteley (Bonsight), Dominic Law (PCCW HKT), Fei Lee (MTR Corporation Limited), Keivan Navaie (Lancaster University), Laurence Murphy (University of Salford), Steve Plunkett (Supponor) and Martin Russ (Synthesizerwriter).

For many years, the IET Multimedia Communications Technical Professional Network and its Executive Committee has provided IET members and non-members with an online community and organised a range of industry events, lectures and presentations at industry events and conferences including the prestigious John Logie Baird Lecture, supported industry events such as RadioTechcon and the recent RadioTechcon Masterclass.

During IBC 2019 IET Media will be running presentations and panels in the Future Trends Theatre of the Future Zone, from 14:00 to 17:00 on Friday 13th September. For the full agenda bit.ly/IETMediaIBC2019.


About IET Media Technical Network

The IET Media Technical Network represents the global community of engineers who work in the Video, Audio, Content Delivery and Production industries, and is made up of both members and non-members. Join the community and learn more online: theiet.org/multimedia or join our LinkedIn group: bit.ly/ietmedia.

For further information - mmctpn@ietvolunteer.org