IET Singapore Local Network and STE Systems joint seminar:

2 Presentations

Speaker: Thomas Gsell and Marius Jansen

Date: 30 October 2015

Venue: Singapore Polytechnic Graduate Guilds’

1010 Dover Road, Gate 4, Carnation Room

1st Presentation

–Harmonics in 3

-Phase Network: Solutions & Case Studies    

-What is Reactive Power?

-What is Non

-Linear Loads?

-Harmonics Theory

-Fourier Transformation

-Harmonics in 3 phase networks

-What Active and Reactive Power?

-Harmonics Consequences

-Passive harmonics compensation (tuned parallel resonance circuit)

-Active harmonics compensation with Active Harmonic Filters

-Active Filters: Pro and Contra-Case studies


Thomas Gsell, Technical Manager for Low Voltage Compensation at ALSTOM Grid, graduated as Power Electronics

Engineer in 1992. He founded the Jessler & Gsell GmbH, one of the world pioneer in the development and

manufacturing of Shunt Active Harmonics Filters. The company was later purchased by Nokian Capacitors which

now belongs to ALSTOM Grid. Gsell is also a lecturer at his alma mater, the University of Applied Science in

Konstanz, Germany.

2nd Presentation–Design aspects of medium voltage capacitor banks

-Real requirements vs realistic situations

-Meeting functional requirements:

Why outdoor enclosed

Component ratings

Harmonic concerns

-Safety of the system

-Safety of the operator

-Impact of environmental conditions

-Operation and control

-Maintenance and life time care

Speaker:Marius Jansen

has more than thirty years of experience in the areas of power system analysis and design, manufacture

and delivery of power quality solutions to clients in the electricity utility, mining, industrial and commercial sectors.

His involvement ranges from early identification of opportunities to improvement of power systems, synthesis of

solutions, specification and procurement of primary and secondary plant, site supervision and commissioning and

product life cycle support. He has worked as design engineer and contract manager in the electricity utility sector, as specialist electrical engineering consultant, general manager of startup organizations, and representative of product manufacturers in the course of an uninterrupted career in electrical engineering.

With specialist skills in the area of power system analysis and harmonic filter design, Marius is recognized as an

expert on an international level, has conducted numerous grid connection studies and has presented training courses ondesign and specification of harmonic filters in Australia and abroad. Marius is a member of the Standards Australia committee on power quality, a Cigré member and member of Electric Energy Society of Australia




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