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Our IET Sussex Network has two Education Officers, one supporting East Sussex and the other supporting West Sussex. As Education Officers, we support the different STEM activities of schools through the IET.  We provide volunteers to help with the schools' STEM activities and also provide our own STEM activities such as the following: 

  • LED torch building - This activity involves the children assembling a very basic DC light circuit using a single LED bulb, two 1.5V batteries, foam core, and two polystyrene outer layers. The torch circuit is held together by the foam and a sticker. Torch building is used on an IET stand at science and STEM fairs, where many children build a torch, view exhibits and pick up IET STEM literature.
  • Fan boats - This is an organised workshop on fan-powered boats whereby children in groups of 2-3 are proved with motor and propeller, battery, stiff foam, glue gun. The children then design and make the boat, after which they then race between each group. This workshop was devised by the IMechE and is often run my non-IET STEM Ambassadors.
  • Energy Watch - This is a 1 to 3 hour workshop which gets the students running experiments on wind and solar power.
  • Control Technology - A three hour workshop that introduces the concept of control. Students write software to control lights on a model house, control lights and a motor (for a bow-tie) on a clown head, and control pedestrian traffic lights.

We maintain a list of IET members who are also STEM Ambassadors and volunteer for STEM events. We send them the activities requested by schools and whoever are available to support the activities,  we provide them with IET banners, and table cloths, risk assessments and other materials and information needed for the activities.

If you are interested in becoming a STEM Ambassador and volunteering for IET STEM events then please contact either Gavin ( for West Sussex) or Ramon ( for East Sussex). 


  • Great to see this very useful info on the splended work you are doing with local schools.  Hope some our MPs are impressed! A