An Evening with Young Professionals Section:CEng Application and Processing with a Visit to a Beverage Processing Plant

Speakers: Mr Richard Fong / Dr Andrew Ng/ Mr Nicolas Week / Mr Daniel Floyd

Date:10th June 2016

Time: 7.00pm -9.30pm


Restaurant,4 Rochester Road, S-139215 Nearest MRT:Buona Vista

Opening Speech:Dr.Bicky Bhangu, IET Singapore Chair

Speaker1: Mr Richard Fong, FIET Council Member, International Professional Registration Advisor (Why choose professional registration as a Chartered Engineer?)                                                      

Speaker 2: Mr Nicholas Week, CEng, Materials Engineering Manager-Singapore Rolls-Royce(Chartered Engineer (CEng) professional registration and benefits)

Speaker3: Dr Andrew, CEng, MIET, Assistant Professor at the Singapore Institute of Technology  

(Processing of the application and advantages of being a Chartered Engineer)

The  IET  CEng  talk  aims  to  provide  the  members with a  comprehensive  understanding  of the Chartered  Engineer  application process  and  in addition  the opportunity  to visit the restaurant’sbeverage  processing  plant. Members  gain  an  opportunity  to witness  the  complexity  of  the  plant which features advanced automation technology. From the preparation of barley malt & raw hops, to  fermenting  yeast,  the  entire  process  promises  a  sophisticated  means  of  producing  top  quality beverages.

Excellence  in  engineering  can  only  be  achieved  when  the  factors  such  as  energy  costs  and pollution of  the  environment  can  be  successfully  minimised.  In  order  to  guarantee  that  these objectives can be fulfilled, powerful automation technology is  required, which consists of suitable hardware and software components. Members will discover more about these innovative solutions during the visit.

To  achieve  the  above  objectives,  it  is  necessary  to  measure  the  essential parameters  of  the beverage production  process  at  definite  times.  These  parameters encompass  the  levels of  the beverage  in the  containers,  in/out flow  of  the  units,  pressure  in the tanks and  temperatureat particular points of interest in the units, pH measurement and conductivity for analysing the flow. Different   measurement   equipment   or   sensors   are   required

for   the   assessment   of   these parameters.  Following  the  measurement,  the  attained values have  to  be  compared  with  the desired  values  for  these  parameters. Here,

members  are  able  to  understand  the innovative processes used in brewing that are achieved using classic PID controllers, advanced knowledge-based controllers and fuzzy logic controllers.

Event Videos:

Dr Bicky Bhangu: Introduction of IET Singapore Network

Mr Richard Fong: Why Choose Professional Registration as a Chartered Engineer

Dr Andrew Ng: Processing of the Application and Advantages of being a Chartered Engineer

Mr Nicholas Week: Chartered Engineer (CEng) Prefessional Registration and Benefits
CEng Talk Q&A


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