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The IET Manchester Network organise a programme of engineering activities in the Greater Manchester area. All of these events and activities are made possible by the efforts of a dedicated group of volunteers. If you would like to know more about our committees, or would like to be a volunteer for us, please get in touch with the Chairman or our Community Manager listed below.


Leona So - Chairman
Martin Caton - Vice Chairman
Keith McCabe - Immediate Past Chairman
Chris Fox - PastChairman
Julie Ashurst - PastChairman
Peter Hicks - Secretary
Pat Lancaster - Treasurer
Anthony Gaskill - New Start-ups Liaison
Job Obiebi - Finance Support 
Kyle Murchie - Schools Liaison Officer
Lukman Abdul-Karim - Business Planning Manager

Rik Whitaker – IET Connect Representative
Tania Pomroy - 
IET Community Manager
Multi-Technical Group
Paul Quick – Secretary

Gordon Smith - Member

Keith Jaggers – Member
Pat Lancaster - Member
Peter Lawryshyn – Member

Philip Barlow – Member

Stuart Revell – Member



Power Technical Group
Muhammad Ali  - Chairman
Paul Mgbeze – Vice Chairman 
Elena Mavromati Kakana - Secretary
Emmanuel Ndede - Treasurer
John Browne – Past Chairman

Alwyn Jones - Communications
Abel Mubangi - MyCommunity Administrator
Christos Taratoris – Event Organiser
John Pietsch – Member

Kostas Kopsidas – Member
Martin Caton - Past Chairman
Paul Mgbeze – Treasurer
Nabeel Jawed – Member

Paul Bancroft - Member
Rich Grant – Member
Shengke Zhi – Event Organiser

Retired Members Section
Peter Hicks - Chairman
Ron Whalley - Past Chairman

Ron Allan - Secretary
Andy Taylor – Treasurer
Ben Cheung – Online Community Adminstrator

Brian Gerrard – Member

Colin Cooper - Member

John Horrocks - Observer Member

Mike Lee – Observer Member
Ray Rodwel– Member

Richard Zobel – Observer Member
Robin Smith – Member

Steve Whiteley – Observer Member

Stuart Poole - Observer Member
Tony Bell – Member

Tony Bentley – Co-opted Member

Transport Technical Group
Phillip Day - Chairman
Keith McCabe - Past Chairman

Young Professionals Section
Elena Mavromati Kakana - Chairman
Shiri Hassan - Secretary
Lewis Fung  – Treasurer

Jake Tucker - Manchester Metropolitan University Student Representative
Priank Cangy -
committee member
Seng Fong Ng (Steven Ng) - Media - photographs/filming
Vikas Saxena