Congratulations to Book Editors Dr. Vishal Jain, Jyotir Moy Chatterjee, Pardeep Kumar and Utku Köse, and to all their chapter contributors on the publication of their new book, "Healthcare Monitoring and Data Analysis using IoT: Technologies and applications".

IoT-enabled healthcare technologies can be used for remote health monitoring, rehabilitation assessment and assisted ambient living. Healthcare analytics can be applied to the data gathered from these different areas to improve healthcare outcomes by providing clinicians with real-world, real-time data so they can more easily support and advise their patients.

The book explores the application of AI systems to analyse patient data and guide interventions. IoT-based monitoring systems and their security challenges are also discussed.

The book is designed to be a reference for healthcare informatics researchers, developers, practitioners, and people who are interested in the personalised healthcare sector. The book will be a valuable reference tool for those who identify and develop methodologies, frameworks, tools, and applications for working with medical big data and researchers in computer engineering, healthcare electronics, device design and related fields.

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