On 26th of March , .. we had the (the 6th IET GCC Robotics Challenge - online ), event.  It was a very successful event. It was attended by almost 80-90 (students and  organization committees).
Here is an attached report of that event ..

Part of the 6th IET GCC Robotics Challenge - 2022

2022 - Challenge Theme:
It was related to present (Ideas) related to robotics based Solutions/Systems to battle against coronavirus

Saturday 26th of March 2022 - A Virtual Challenge
Presentation Duration (25 minutes, with Q/A)

Presentations Titles

02 Sensitization Assistant Robot
04 COVID Screening Systems in School/University Transports
05 Dual Disinfection Robot
06 Memo Robot
07 The robotic technologies during the COVID-19
08 Robot Modification for COVID-19 prevention
09 Dobot Magician manipulator robot to perform automatic PCR testing to detect Covid19 virus.
10 Social Distancing & Monitoring Robot
11 Covid-19 Symptoms
12 Robotic Mannequins
13 Design a Fully Independent Anti-Theft Robot for Delivering Food and Packages
15 Enhancing Healthcare Centres to Efficiency to Fight Covid-19
16 UAV Based Solution to Fight COVID-19
17 Sterilization Robot
18 Unmanned Aerial Robot for Emergency Medical Services and Health Protocol Surveillance: A “New Normal" approach to COVID-19 case reduction
19 Drone Based COVIDROID- an Intelligent Caretaker using IoMT & AI
20 A Mobile App Controlled Robot for Environmental and Health Protocol Monitoring in Campuses, Offices, Hotels and the Indoor Facilities: The“New Normal” Approach of battling COVID19
21 Self-Guided robot for rapid detection of Covid-19 using biosensor
22 Smart Watch and Robot Healthcare (Robotch)
23 A Drone that Cleans and Sanitizes Surfaces
24 Robots Vs COVID 19
25 Service Robot in Haramain Train Cabinets
26 How to Implement Automatic Gates in Hospitals
27 Robot Nurse
28 UV-C HVAC System With MERS-13
29 Safe Ed
30 Anti-COVID Robotic Arm

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