The Barcelona group recently organised their PATW competition which took place on 18th October at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.

There were four competitors presenting on the following subject:

• ³Cat-1: The CubeSat inititative at the UPC NanoSat Lab

• Automatic design of an artificial neural network for Unreal Tournament 2004

• Design of an electronics device to measure audible hearing level

• Engineering and all things "bio-"

The day of the event, all was prepared at the graduation hall of the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, our hosting institution, with contenders ready with their full presentations and the audience interested to learn more on the announced topics.

For starters, the local IET representative gave a brief description of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, its aims, the activities carried out globally, locally and the services it offers. This helped to break the ice and alleviate the tension of the presenters who were introduced to the jury one at the time, giving the title of their presentation, and let them confer on their project.

All of the presenters were well prepared on the subject presented and managed to stay within the allotted time. While presenting, the panel of judges were evaluating the presenters for their presentations skills, the clarity of their explanations and the impact on the audience. With a brief private summit at the end of the dissertations the panel agreed on the winner.

Congratulations to Lara Sofia Escuain Poole, who was awarded the monetary prize and the winner's certificate, beside being granted the right to participate to the next level of the PATW competition to be held in Ireland.

Special thanks to the panel of judges, who volunteered their time for the competition, which was formed by:

• Dr. David Jimenez (Lecturer at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona)

• Mr. Andrew Frost (Member of the IET Barcelona Group)

• Mr. Gianni Cessel (Member of the IET Barcelona Group)

See a photograph of the line up in our photos section.

Report prepared by Gianni Cessel

Robert Heaton