This paper is a quick proposal due to the extreme urgency of this Project and a call for participation by other Engineers and Scientists to help in this difficult period of high Energy costs.

According to (1) it is now possible to develop semiconductor structures on paper. Because of this latest development I am proposing a special WALLPAPER to convert the heat of a room into electricity and store it into the special batteries of the Home/Business. This excessive heat can be the heat of the central heating system of a Home/Business during the cold weather periods or the environmental heat during the summer periods.

Let’s put some ideas all together. Please see my proposed idea of the special wallpaper. With the same technology and principles, we can design special roof tiles and remove completely the traditional solar panels.

My contact details have as follows:

Dr Harry Athanassiadis


(1) Nanocellulose Paper Semiconductor with a 3D Network Structure and Its NanoMicroMacro Trans-Scale Design

Hirotaka Koga, Kazuki Nagashima, Koichi Suematsu, Tsunaki Takahashi, Luting Zhu,

Daiki Fukushima, Yintong Huang, Ryo Nakagawa, Jiangyang Liu, Kojiro Uetani, Masaya Nogi, Takeshi Yanagida, and Yuta Nishina

Published by the American Chemical Society in ACS Nano, Spring 2022.