We want to review what the IET offers technicians around the world in its’ membership offering, how we promote it as well as the support, advice and inspiration we offer them within it. 

Understanding the views of technicians from all industries, across the globe, is critical to getting this right.  As such, we would welcome your views in our technician survey, which should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

The survey seeks to paint a picture of how technicians’ roles might change in the future and how we need to change to suit.  We want to understand what products and services, like EngX, we offer you know about and how interesting and useful they are.  Finally, at this time of huge economic pressures, we know that we must get the value we offer and the methods you can use to pay to align. So, there are some questions about that too.

We want to hear from technicians who aren't members too, so once you’ve completed the survey, please do pass the survey link to any technicians you know or work with, in the UK, or further afield around the globe. The more voices we hear, the better we can be. To take part in the survey – please click here  or use the following link: https://response.questback.com/theiet/iettechniciansurvey

 Survey responses are required by 09 May 23:59 (UK time).  If you have any problems accessing the survey, please email me at JustineWood@theiet.org.  The survey is anonymous, although there is the option to add your contact details at the end of the survey, if you wish, to take part in possible follow-up research. Responses are strictly confidential.


Many thanks for your support and time.  I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.


Justine Wood