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Dr Elise Tapping (Inaugural AITN Chair) is excited to announce the IET AITN, has ‘gone live’ with a much awaited for series of webinars coming up in the following months.  You can see details of our first webinar taking place on Thursday, 26th January, Demystifying AI on our technical webinar hub

The Network's purpose is to grow a worldwide technical network to support the growth of AI, by promoting and challenging conventional approaches in businesses and society. It will encourage the AITN community to focus on the integration of AI technology with ourselves and the world we live in by understanding and expanding its limitations, evolving technologies into standalone decision-making entities and how exploring this impacts ethics.

The AITN seeks to achieve three primary objectives, closely aligned to the wider IET 2030 strategy:

• Challenging the development and understanding of AI, also realising the perceptions of human and technology interfacing, to boost confidence of this technology among businesses and society;

• Increasing skills and the knowledge base within the AI community (community building), including the diversity of people studying and working in AI;

• Understand and promote progression and AI techniques from Industries experience to date.

It is anticipated that the AITN can add value in the specific areas of:

• Widening the existing engineering community to explore how existing engineering specialisms can contribute and advance AI engineering and applications
• Exploration of educational and professionalism needs at all levels to underpin AI engineering and applications, including technicians and apprenticeships
• Provide support to the UK national ambition for AI and other technologies
• Support the regulation of AI worldwide and develop the initial work by the AI Council encouraging investment in UK - skills and resources.
• Encourage best practice for safe and sustainable investment, awareness of Intellectual Property exploitation and retention through IP management, co-creation and sharing of guidance and experiences.

The AITN Committee has been formed and Dr Elise Tapping is delighted to introduce you to the committee members.

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