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At the TAROS 2016 conference, alongside the IET/TAROS public lecture , the IET also sponsored a prize for "The most promising innovation in Robots".  The award was presented to Paolo Angeles and here, Paolo tells us more about himself and winning the prize:

Hello, my name is Paolo Angeles. I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. at Imperial College London surrounding the quantification of Parkinson’s disease symptoms using sensors built at our lab, the Biomechatronics lab here in Imperial College London. I recently had a paper accepted at the TAROS 2016 conference to then present to the academic audience there. The paper involved a pilot study on healthy patients mimicking Parkinson’s disease symptoms wearing a prototype of a sensor system that I have designed to quantify these said symptoms. My presentation went surprisingly well and as result, I was awarded the prize of “The Most Promising Innovation in Robots” sponsored by the IET Robotics & Mechatronics TPN. It was the first conference I had attended and winning such a prestigious prize gave me such happiness, confidence and inspiration in my research. I can only say thank you to the people who decided to award me the prize and of course, the sponsors of this award%u200B.


Huge congratulations to Paolo!