9th March 2018


2:00pm – 5.00 pm


Block K208, UCSI University North Wing


UCSI IET On-Campus




4 participants


To provide a platform for young engineers and technicians to develop their presentation skills.

To improve the communication skills and interpersonal skills which are essential for future career.

To build connections with fellow participants around the globe.

To allow participants to take initiative to learn more about current technology


Emcees welcome the judges, audiences and participants. He gave a short brief about the rules and regulations of this competition. After every presentation, the judges gave some feedback on their presentation. After all the participants have finish their presentation, the judges discussed who will be the winner of this competition based on the standard form provided by IET. At 4:30 pm, the winner was announced, and it is Koh Jia Shun. As for the 1st runner-up is Wilson Cheng Wei Yang. Then, judges will be given token of appreciation by the organizing chairperson. Before we end, there was a group photo session.

Learning Outcome

Participants get to learn on how to improve in their presentation skills.

Participants get to know on how to do in-depth research on topic.

Reported by: Bryan Tai Kar Wai

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Robert Heaton