2nd June 2018


9:00 am – 5:00 pm


Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar international school, Seremban


Organized by IET Young Professional Session Malaysia and supported by Gieption Sdn. Bhd. and UCSI IET


Koh Jia Shun(Leader), Tai Kar Wai, Chong Ying Hai, Low Jia Wei, Pang Kah Hoe, Jordan Lee Syuen Zhen and Chin Lit Pern


57 students


To encourage students to develop their interest in STEM field.

To allow the students to know briefly about 4th Industrial Revolution


The workshop start with the primary student. While Koh Jia Shun was teaching, the others tutors were guiding and ensuring the primary student get to follow the flow of the workshop. We can see that the kids are enjoying themselves while learning the micro::bit. Some of them are quite fast and quick so they will ask the tutors on how to different things with the micro::bit. For example, they ask on how to let the led on the micro::bit to move around. Luckily, all of us know on how to programme the led to move around. This marks the end of our first session.
After a quick rest after the first session, we will need to conduct the second session. Due to the amount of students are too much for the second session to fit in a computer classroom because the computer classroom can only fit 26 students and the KTJ teacher let us know that some students have no programming background or not strong enough in programming, we decided to create into 2 classes where the first class is the basic programming with mirco::bit workshop and the second class is the advance programming with mircro::bit workshop. The difference between the first class and second class was that the first class won't be touching on the Light Dependable Resistor sensor, LDR sensor, while the second will play with the LDR sensor. Thus, the first class will be taught by Tai Kar Wai while the second class will be taught by Koh Jia Shun. At our first impression was that the secondary students were not active and hard to communicate but we were wrong as they were easy to communicate and active during the workshop.
Now comes the feedbacks from the students. For the first session, there were multiple great feedbacks such as saying us on how creative was the tutorials, they get to gain a lot of knowledge, makes them determined and at last they ask us whether we can come back again next year. The children are so great and friendly to us. As for the second session, the feedbacks are more likely the same but they did ask us what is IET. Therefore, we did explained what is IET and explained what is the benefits and fun part of joining IET.

Learning Outcome

To allow the students to know a bit on programming the BBC micro:bit using code block.

Students understand on how to program a BBC micro:bit using code block.

Students get to create a game and try it with the BBC micro:bit.

Reported by: Bryan Tai Kar Wai

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Robert Heaton