20th July 2018


3.30pm - 6.00pm


Function Room 2, Level 11, Block E, UCSI University


UCSI IET On-Campus


Mr. Michael Yong, the past chairman of IET YPS Malaysia Local Network


24 participants


To teach the students the basic principles of project management and the structure that every successful project needs

To introduce on how to turn a “good idea” into a project which can be planned, managed and executed


The students will register first before the event starts. The registration duration is 15 minutes. Chairman will then introduce the speaker, and invite him to speak on "Fundamentals of Project Management" for 1.5 hours. The speaker will then share his experience in working and also IET YPS. He will then explain more about IET to the students. This session will take 45 minutes. This event will end at 6.00pm.

Learning Outcome

Students can understand on how to:
Define the objectives and scope clearly
Engage users and stakeholders

Define clear roles and responsibilities

Plan objectively and realistically

Track progress and inspect the deliverables

Manage risks, issues and changes actively

Communicate openly

Reported by: Bryan Tai Kar Wai

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Robert Heaton