Local networks in the UK have been busy hosting webinars since May 2020. If you have missed some of them, or would like to have the opportunity to watch them again, please see below what's available.

Don't forget to also head over to the Technical Network Hub where you can register for upcoming webinars or watch on-demand. Gain CPD and learn about the latest developments in transport, healthcare and communications.

Smart Buildings 26 May 20 East Midlands Network

An Appreciation of Quantum Computing 3 Jun 20 Sussex Network

Simple cyber security – stay safe online 8 Jun 20 Hereford & Worcester Network

Smash your career goals 10 Jun 20 London Network

Electric Vehicle Charging 16 Jun 20 North Yorkshire

Aerial mapping 17 Jun 20 Surrey Network

The Near Future of Conversational AI 18 Jun 20 Berkshire Network

Do we need psychological safety within teams? 25 Jun 20 Anglian Coastal Network

The future of TV: lets make it personal 9 Jul 20 Anglian Coastal Network

How to become Chartered 14 Jul 20 Buckinghamshire Network

Mastering Interview Skills Workshop 16 Jul 20 Berkshire Network

The Tram systems of Birmingham, Smethwick and West Bromwich, Part 2 16 Jul 20 North West Midlands Network

Content security 21 Jul 20 Swindon Network

What is a decision? 22 Jul 20 North Yorkshire

Bioenergy Carbon Capture and Storage 28 Jul 20 North Yorkshire

Drones: Software and Systems to Make a Brick Fly 4 Aug 20 Devon & Cornwall Network

5G demystified: the what, when and where 6 Aug 20 Anglian Coastal Network

How AI and unstructured data are changing the fundamentals of business decision making 9 Sep 20 London Network

Advantage play: How technology has been used to improve sporting performance 16 Sep 20 Surrey Network

How to apply for charter status 22 Sep 20 Buckinghamshire Network

Latest Developments in Energy From Waste 22 Sep 20 Mersey & Western Cheshire Network

The value of spectrum in a 5G world 24 Sep 20 Berkshire Network

Electricity Networks and EV Charging Infrastructure to Achieve Net Zero 29 Sep 20 Midlands Power Group

Sheffield Urban Flows Observatory 30 Sep 20 South Yorkshire Network

Making the Internet Deterministic? 6 Oct 20 Sussex Network

Women in Engineering 6 Oct 20 Mersey & Western Cheshire Network

Robotics Current Trends in the Transformation Journey 7 Oct 20 Mersey & Western Cheshire Network

Robots as Sculpture The Senster and other works by Edward Ihnatowicz 7 Oct 20 North West Midlands Network

Active-house versus Passiv-haus - but is either enough? 13 Oct 20 Anglian Coastal Network

Transpennine Route Upgrade Update 15 Oct 20 North Yorkshire

Battery Technology for Mobility and Clean Applications 20 Oct 20 Sussex Network

5G in the Covid-19 era 21 Oct 20 Surrey Network

Road to Chartership 26 Oct 20 Birmingham Network

Science and Technology of Antarctica and its impact on climate change 3 Nov 20 Sussex Network

Biomedical Engineering University of Liverpool 4 Nov 20 Mersey & Western Cheshire Network

VSC HVDC and Transmission Renewable Energy 5 Nov 20 North West Midlands Network

Artificial Intelligence: Truth, Lies and Consequences 9 Nov 20 Anglian Coastal Network

Opportunities and challenges with 5G 10 Nov 20 Buckinghamshire Network

Thames Tideway Tunnel: Reconnecting Londoners with the River Thames 10 Nov 20 London Network

Ammonia in future propulsion and the alternatives 11 Nov 20 East Midlands Network

Robotics in Surgery 12 Nov 20 Berkshire Network

How do renewable energy technologies play a role in achieving our Net Zero goal? 13 Nov 20 Berkshire Network

Re-engineering the microscope 19 Nov 20 Cambridge Network

Green Hydrogen displacing Diesel in Commercial Vehicles 24 Nov 20 Mersey & Western Cheshire Network

Medium voltage distribution networks 25 Nov 2020 London Network

Renewable energy - how to balance the electric grid 26 Nov 20 Cambridge Network

From Cold War to coal trains 25 Nov 20 Surrey Network

A journey into a career in aerospace engineering 26 Nov 20 Mersey & Western Cheshire Network

Open source robotics and autonomous systems with ROS 27 Nov 20 Birmingham Network

Indoor Localisation in the IoT era 30 Nov 20 Anglian Coastal Network

What's a nanosecond between friends? 1 Dec 20 Sussex Network

Technical Challenges Facing eVTOL Aircraft Development 1 Dec 20 Midlands Power Group

Re-imagining human flight 2 Dec 20 Surrey Network

Next generation solutions for electrical grid monitoring 3 Dec 20 Cambridge Network

Modelling and tools for flood prevention 8 Dec 20 Sussex Network

The European approach to arc flash and latest developments 9 Dec 20 South Yorkshire Network

Emergency on Planet Earth 9 Dec 20 London Network

Agile - just another buzzword? Or key to surviving/thriving in the 21st century world? 10 Dec 20 Anglian Coastal Network

Charging ahead the future of urban EV charging 15 Dec 20 North Yorkshire Network

Energy and mobility - Volt fiction? 15 Dec 20 Swindon Network

Beeleigh Mill 16 Dec 20 Essex Network

Plant machine - an engineering challenge 17 Dec 20 Wales South West Network

Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things 11 Jan 21 Wales South West Network

Bright spark - the art of the possible in radar imaging 12 Jan 21 Sussex Network

Light Years Ahead: The 1969 Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) - Revisited 12 Jan 21 Somerset & West Wiltshire Network

Technology transfer - Addressing the challenges and accelerating opportunities for knowledge flow 13 Jan 21 London Network

30 years of the Hubble telescope 13 January 2021 Lancs and Cumbria Network

Digital delivery of projects in the water sector 19 Jan 21 Sussex Network

Looking for life on Mars 20 Jan 21 Surrey Network

What's so interesting about 5G? 21 Jan 21 Cambridge Network

Avoiding Catastrophic Switchgear Failure Using Internal Arc Rated Equipment 25 Jan 21 South Yorkshire Network

Nobody saw it coming - the rise and rise of the camera phone 26 Jan 21 Anglian Coastal Network

Is decarbonisation enough? 28 Jan 21 Solent Network

HVDC VSC 29 Jan 21 North West Midlands Network

Internet of Things for healthcare 3 Feb 2021 Mersey and Western Cheshire Network

Electric Air Racing - Air Race E 10 Feb 21 London Network

Developing the next generation of CTVs 10 Feb 21 Essex Network

Carbon capture utilisation and storage 11 Feb 21 Buckinghamshire Network

The challenges of Planning a timetable for all on a busy mixed traffic railway 11 Feb 21 Lancs and Cumbria Network

Teaching microprocessors at Swansea University 15 Feb 21 Wales South West Network

The electric revolution 15 Feb 21 Devon & Cornwall network

Cornwall's communication heritage 17 Feb 21 Surrey Network

Electric grid cybersecurity and resilience 17 Feb 21 West Yorkshire Network

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Networks 18 Feb 21 Berkshire Network

The pursuit of CEng 18 Feb 21 London Network

You are 467 in the queue - your call is moderately important to us... 22 Feb 21 Anglian Coastal Network

Routes to registration 22 Feb 21 Mersey & Western Cheshire Network

Future rail power options 23 Feb 21 Swindon Network

How do renewable energy technologies play a role in achieving our Net Zero goal? 23 Feb 21 Mersey & Western Cheshire Network

History of radio aids to navigation 23 Feb 21 Ireland Network

Electric Vehicles - evolution and challenges of green transportation 25 Feb 21 Coventry & Warwickshire Network

Aircraft electrification 25 Feb 21 Cambridge Network

Delusions of gender: Neuroscience and stereotyping 4 Mar 21 Berkshire Network

Agile – It’s all about the people! 9 Mar 21 Anglian Coastal Network

The Breath BiopsyRegistered Platform 11 Mar 21 Cambridge Network

Internet of Things 11 Mar 21 Lancashire & Cumbria Network

Ethics of autonomous vehicles 16 Mar 21 North West Midlands Network

Control and power management systems - Designing for reliability 17 Mar 21 London Network

Managing 5G mobile networks 18 Mar 21 Berkshire Network

Ammonia in future propulsion and the alternatives 23 Mar 21 Ireland Network

Heat pumps: a no brainer 25 Mar 21 Buckinghamshire Network

CityFibre is unleashing the UK's digital potential 30 Mar 21 Anglian Coastal Network

The water that saved the industrial revolution 31 Mar 21 North West Midlands Network

Powering a Low Carbon Future with Direct Current Technology 13 Apr 21 Sussex Network

Vertical Aerospace 15 Apr 21 Cambridge Network

Debate on UK's 5G supply chain diversification strategy 19 Apr 21 Swindon Network

Game software engineering - forty years of game development 20 Apr 21 Sussex Network

Hobby electronics - Raspberry Pi and Arduino 20 Apr 21 Buckinghamshire Network

Airborne Radar in the Battle of the Atlantic 1940 - 1945 21 Apr 21 Surrey Network

Robotics and Pi Wars 22 Apr 2021 Buckinghamshire Network

Cyber security hygiene - don't wash your hands of it! 26 April 2021 Anglian Coastal Network

Mersey tidal power project 27 Apr 21 Mersey & Western Cheshire Network

Geothermal energy 28 Apr 21 Devon & Cornwall Network

Robots to automate farming 29 Apr 21 North West Midlands Network

There is more than a cat in the Schroedinger box: a Python 6 May 21 Cambridge Network

Why do arc flash calculations? 10 May 21 South Yorkshire Network

HydroFlex and the decarbonisation of the railway 10 May 21 Birmingham Network

Electromagnetic fields- Risks to Human Health and Control Measures 11 May 21 Sussex Network

Face masks - the unexpected industry 12 May 21 London Network

LoRaWAN an engineering view on the technology and protocol for today’s IOT world 17 May 21 Hereford & Worcester Network

Holes and poles fibre to the home 18 May 21 Buckinghamshire Network

5G networking in vehicular applications 18 May 21 Sussex Network

Capturing the action 19 May 21 Surrey Network

The HydroFLEX Hydrogen-powered train project 20 May 21 Cambridge Network

Swindon's engineering and innovation heritage 20 May 21 Swindon Network

Delivering cloud data and AI driven products at pace 25 May 21 Devon & Cornwall Network

Online engineering 27 May 21 North West Midlands Network

Introducing 5G 8 Jun 21 Sussex Network

Merseyrail fleet replacement: the power of devolution 9 Jun 21 London Network

The eyes of the few 10 Jun 21 Anglian Coastal Network

Formula E - racing to change the auto industry 16 Jun 21 Surrey Network

Leadership seminar 23 Jun 21 Mersey & Western Cheshire Network

Multisensory Farmbots: turning data into action with weed-electrocution and slug elimination 24 Jun 21 North West Midlands Network

Talking Together with Jacqueline Sutton East Midlands Network

Quality Attenuation and its impact on understanding broadband performance 1 Jul 21 Anglian Coastal Network

AC & DC protection for the UK power system 1 Jul 21 North West Midlands Network

Localskills: How to become a CEng 6 Jul 21 Buckinghamshire Network

Returning a UK built Mosquito to the skies 7 Jul 21 Anglian Coastal Network

Battery storage in the recovery to NET ZERO CARBON! 8 Jul 21 Berkshire Network

Marine Radar - Radar electronics for leisure marine radars 15 Jul 21 Berkshire Network

Ethical engineering in the arms industry 29 Jul 21 Berkshire Network

Perspectives on audio: Information vs data; fidelity vs resolution 17 Aug 21 Cambridge Network

Alan Blumlein: Inventor and engineer 2 Sep 21 Solent Network

End to end attack detection for the connected vehicle 4 Oct 21 East Midlands Network

Aspidistra and The Diplomatic Wireless Service 8 Sep 21 North Wales Network

A shift in approach due to COVID-19: What is here to stay? 13 Sep 21 West Yorkshire Network

Wow that's bright!! 14 Sep 21 Buckinghamshire Network

What's in a borehole? 15 Sep 21 Surrey Network

The use of ultrasound waves in therapeutic drug delivery 16 Sep 21 Berkshire Network

Artificially Intelligent Regulation (of spectra and space) - AIR 21 Sep 21 Anglian Coastal Network

150 years of engineering in Yorkshire and the Humber 22 Sep 21 South Yorkshire Network

Building back better: How robotics and automation could help the recovery of the UK 23 Sep 21 Berkshire Network

Protecting lightly used railway crossings 27 Sep 21 South Yorkshire Network

The future of healthcare is AI 30 Sep 21 Mersey & Western Cheshire Network

Engineering & technology: A rich heritage and an inspirational future here in Sussex Sussex Network

Talking Together with Rolls-Royce CEO Warren East East Midlands Network

End-to-end attack detection for the connected vehicle 4 Oct 21 East Midlands Network

Integrated robot applications - Technical visit to CNC Robotics Ltd 6 Oct 21 Mersey & Western Cheshire Network

The decline and rise of voice communications 7 Oct 21 Anglian Coastal Network

HVDC Interconnectors – a case study of a 2000MW scheme 12 Oct 21 West Yorkshire Network

Additive manufacturing for the medical industry 13 Oct 21 Mersey & Western Cheshire Network

Grid Stability Maintaining grid stability with changes in electricity generation and usage 19 Oct 21 Mersey & Western Cheshire Network

Schrodinger's Car - Are Hybrids a real or imaginary solution? 20 Oct 21 Surrey Network

Nvidia powers the AI revolution 21 Oct 2021 Cambridge Network

How to use light to make aircraft lighter 26 Oct 21 Sussex Network

Blockchain 27 Oct 21 Essex Network

Lucas - a brief history of a Great British company 28 Oct 21 North West Midlands Network

Blockchain 1 Nov 21 Mersey & Western Cheshire Network

6G wireless: a new strategic vision 2 Nov 21 Sussex Network

Taking fibre to one of the remotest nations on Earth 11 Nov 21 Anglian Coastal Network

Hyperloops - feasibility and safety 17 Nov 21 Surrey Network

The Cambridge autonomous bus trials 18 Nov 21 Cambridge Network

Dyslexia in engineering 24 Nov 21 East Midlands Network

CorrosionRADAR - a journey from an invention to a global corrosion monitoring company 2 Dec 21 Cambridge Network

Academia to industry: The challenge 6 Dec 21 Mersey & Western Cheshire Network

Security and privacy challenges in the 5G connected Cooperative Intelligent Transport system 8 Dec 21 Essex Network

The journey to IEng 8 Dec 21 Devon & Cornwall Network

Electric air racing 8 Dec 21 Humber Network

A new digital format for electricity transmission 9 Dec 21 Anglian Coastal Network

Life through the lens 13 Dec 21 Surrey Network

European arc flash risk management 10 Jan 22 South Yorkshire Network

Antennas in laptops, tablets and foldable devices 11 Jan 22 Sussex Network

Is graphene the new silicon? The electronic properties of graphene 13 Jan 22 Anglian Coastal Network

Will Solid State Battery powered electric vehicles go further, drive safely and charge faster? 19 Jan 22 Surrey Network

Life as an engineer 19 Jan 22 North Yorkshire Network

Heat pump choices 20 Jan 22 Cambridge Network

Introduction to railway signalling 24 Jan 22 South Yorkshire Network

EDSAC 26 Jan 22 Essex Network

Once explorers, always explorers - ESA’s space science and exploration missions 1 Feb 22 Sussex Network

The challenge of delivering a charging network for the vehicles of tomorrow 9 Feb 22 Essex Network

Internet of Things for digital health remote monitoring systems: Current advances, challenges and future directions 9 Feb 22 London Network

Safe at sea with 5G 16 Feb 22 Surrey Network

The strange neighbourhood of black holes 22 Feb 22 Anglian Coastal Network

Action on packaging: How the Co-op made all its own brand packaging recyclable 24 Feb 22 Cambridge Network

Soft material technologies for bioinspired robots 1 Mar 22 Sussex Network

Automating railways – to driverless and beyond… 2 Mar 22 South Yorkshire Network

Bilfinger automation & digitalisation 2 Mar 22 Mersey & Western Cheshire Network

Improving the Ethernet Train Backbone (ETB) 8 Mar 2022 Anglian Coastal Network

Managing the LV network constraints 10 Mar 22 Midlands Power Group

Soft robotics and AI are driving a revolution in agriculture 17 Mar 22 Cambridge Network

The value of spectrum in a 5G world and spectrum auctions 24 Mar 22 Berkshire Network

Machine learning, making smartphones smarter 29 Mar 2022 Anglian Coastal Network

Synchronous condensers - supporting the roadmap to 100% renewables 5 April 22 Sussex Network

HV Protection Part 2 including IEC61850 5 April 22 Humber Network

Sustainable aviation - heading for a crash landing? 7 Apr 22 East Midlands Network

Moving towards a net carbon neutral city 19 April 22 Sussex Network

The strange case of dark energy in the universe 21 Apr 2022 Anglian Coastal Network

Covid breathing aids: from zero to 10,000 devices in four weeks 27 Apr 22 Surrey Network

An appreciation of the Mars Landers 10 May 22 Sussex Network

Green surface engineering: the importance of coating technologies to preserve global resources 11 May 22 Mersey & Western Cheshire Network

Amendment 2 of the wiring regulations 18 May 22 Essex Network

Understanding lightning protection 19 May 22 Humber Network

Reducing the carbon footprint of your building 24 May 2022 Sussex Network

Advanced Healthcare Applications in Optical 3D Metrology 25 May 2022 Mersey & Western Cheshire Network